Youtuber "KevUndead" attempts Fatal Mode

A playthrough of this mod has been uploaded to youtube by "Damon Fear"

Critical Mode features:

-Sanity Potions, Large Oil Potions (older versions feature Thalers)
-Starting Health reduced
-Starting Sanity reduced
-Reduced amount of collectible items in the maps
-More Sanity damage is taken
-Less Sanity is restored from puzzles
-Losing your Sanity deals 35 damage
-Added collectible items (in new spots)
-The Lantern is obtained later (look out for it)
-Sanity drains faster when being in darkness
-Restored Herbert's Diary
-Full Conversion variants feature "Fatal Mode" extra difficulty option

Below are downloads for the old Custom Story variants of Critical Mode
In the files section is the downloads for the Full Conversion variant!!!


-In older versions your inventory might be full during your playthrough which means you can't proceed, to fix this go to:
Amnesia folder > config > menu.cfg > in the "inventory" section change the following: (thank you to "amnesiapuzzles" for this) [not needed in 1.06 and higher]

SlotSize = "50 60"
SlotsRows = "5"
SlotsColumns = "9"
SlotsSeparation = "1 1 0"

Ver 1.07:
-Changes to increase difficulty; less Sanity Potions and Laudanum, higher Sanity drains and less restorations.

Ver 1.06:
-Removed Thalers

Ver 1.05:
-Added Herbert's Lost Diary, 3 pages in total, stored as "Notes" in the journal (voiced)
-Thalers are re-introduced, 1 bag of 10/25/50 Thalers can be found across the game (3 in total) (they have no function in the game though)
-Removed Sanity Potion and Laudanum in the Inner Sanctum
-The Pickaxe has been added as a collectible "legacy item", it isn't usable but can have odd results when you die with it in your inventory.

Ver 1.04:
-Sanity reaching 0 and doing damage has been reworked, now when you reach 0 Sanity, you will receive 35 damage immediately, your Lantern will no longer be disabled untill you get back up
-Adjusted a few Sanity boosts/drains through some maps

Ver 1.03
-When Sanity reaches 0, you will receive damage overtime until you get back up, this damage can kill you (thanks to Mudbill and Romulator for helping me with this)
_Lantern will be disabled untill you get back up
_Sanity Potions, natural light sources and lighting objects with tinderboxes can save you from the overtime damage
-Removed Sanity bonus from the ladder puzzle in "Cistern Entrance"
-Removed Sanity bonus for throwing the rock on the bridge in "Cistern Entrance"
-Removed a Sanity bonus in the Control Room level
-In Morgue, increased 2 sanity drains

Ver 1.02_fix
- Removed Thalers, could not fix them (thanks to "amnesiapuzzles" for making me aware of the issue)

BUGGED - Thalers do not stack
Ver 1.02
-Slightly Increased Sanity draining in Prison North, Cistern
-Thalers are visible in the inventory (no use for them yet, they are score)
-Fixed an issue where the game would load the incorrect Prison South map (thanks to "amnesiapuzzles" for making me aware of this issue.)

Ver 1.01
-Fixed Old Archives to fit the Lantern not being there

Ver 1.00

mod inspiration: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

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Critical Mode Full Conversion Update 1.3.1

Critical Mode Full Conversion Update 1.3.1


Recommended to have this, makes a few gameplay changes. Requires the file below.

Critical Mode 1.3 Full Conversion -FULL MOD DOWNLOAD-

Critical Mode 1.3 Full Conversion -FULL MOD DOWNLOAD-

Full Version

Version 1.3 of Critical Mode Full Conversion which brings many gameplay changes to Critical Mode. Note that this is a full mod download.

CM Full Conversion Update 1.2

CM Full Conversion Update 1.2


Update 1.2 for Critical Mode Full Conversion that changes some sound effects

Critical Mode Full Release

Critical Mode Full Release

Full Version

Full Conversion 1.0 The first ever version of Critical Mode in Full Conversion form.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 30)

Now that I played this and liked it, I want to add an easier mode now, to balance everything out. Maybe something like baby mode?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RaXZerGamingZ Creator

I cant add more difficulties, they would have to be seperate mods, sorry

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How do I install this properly? There are like 10 downloads, it's confusing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
RaXZerGamingZ Creator

go to the files section and get the 2 top files.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Liked it:)
Gave you a review also.

The sanity crippled me 2 times and a monster came by and killed me. Nice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RaXZerGamingZ Creator

Thanks, i saw your review and you said you still need to play through Fatal Mode, just keep in mind i can't modify it at all so it might be a bit stupid at times, i left it in as a bonus mode.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

At least it's worth a try.
However I'm wondering if you can get past the Wine Cellar, since the game kills you there

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
RaXZerGamingZ Creator

It is possible

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to post a custom story Amnesia: The Dark Descent please ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
RaXZerGamingZ Creator

click on your profile, select mods and then click the small +

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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