Jedno z mála českých custom story pro amnesia the dark descent...Rozděleno na 2 části...toto je už druhá část ! GL and HF This is czech custom story for amnesia the dark descent...This custom story have two part...this is second part of this story :) GL and HF

KrustiClawn says

2/10 - Agree Disagree

I can't really recommend this to anyone...

I will describe my gameplay in short:

- A random guy appears
- I can't understand what he is saying
- I found a key
- The first jumpscare appeared
- Random jumpscare again
- Found another key
- Found money I won't need for anything
- First monster encounter

- Flying naked guy
- Another key
- Jumpscare
- Found an axe, destroyed a few doors and it suddenly disapeared
- Found a magic crowbar that could destroy a door by blowing it up
- Found a key

- Jump scare
- Found a needle
- Jump scare
- Jump scare
- Jump scare
- Found a magic saw that could unlock the next door like a regular key
- Second monster encounter

- Jump scare
- Jump scare
- The random guy appears again and said something I don't understand
- The end

If you love stories with a language you don't understand, love key quests, love jumpscares and love unrelistic stories that doesn't make any sense in a wierd, unintresting world, this is the right one for you :D

To the author - you need to work more on this... alot more. The only 2 positive things I can say about it are the custom materials and a few intresting areas. But that's it. Jumpscares are not even scary more than once...

My suggestions to you is to create a stronger story line IN ENGLISH and spend more time on the maps.
And please, stop making those lame jumpscares and lame events, it's not impressive in any ways :s

2/10 - Really bad

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