Full conversion released. This mod has the objective to improve the game, expecially the classic campaign and make it replayable, with important edits to all soundtracks and sounds of the game and more monsters to the original story

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This mod it's a copy of the original Amnesia Maps, with some modifications. So This mod it must taked down and deleted, due to the copyright infringiment.

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At first I've to say that I play computer games since 28 years and always liked "just" two genres - FPS and Survival Horror. I also loved retail games and physical discs, but in 2010 I finally created a steam account - only to be able to get my hands on Amnesia when it came out. It's, together with Monolith's F.E.A.R., my all-time favorite game and I played through the main story at least 8 times already. Now to modding. I did never bothered much with mods, except maybe Brutal DOOM, but this mod…

Apr 22 2018 by Christsnatcher