Full conversion released. This mod has the objective to improve the game, expecially the classic campaign and make it replayable, with important edits to all soundtracks and sounds of the game and more monsters to the original story

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It's time to share more informations about the next update and a change of plans.

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As the title already says there will be a change of plans, infact from now on the Full Conversion will be listed as beta, not as "full version". As I realized(expecially thanks to others) the mod really needs A LOT of changes to make it actually decent. Possibly and most likely I will upload the Full Conversion with the update.

So what things I will do in the next update/version of the mod? Absolutely remove a good portion of jumpscares. A few will still be there.

Making the mod more Original friendly: many things will be cut, like the new intro, dream sequences, a few of the new maps will be will be removed almost completly. The maps that I made can still be useful for the use of other new maps as replacement.

Less encounters with monsters and more use of "not dangerus" encounters.

A good portion of the new monsters will be replaced to be more Amnesia like, not all but some.

ModelView 2019 04 26 01 48 12 88

"I used you enough, time to return to your original mod universe"

New variants for Grunts and Brutes

ModelView 2019 04 26 01 44 21 74

ModelView 2019 04 26 01 47 13 32

The new Grunt variant will replace the Chubby and will use a bunch of new sounds.

This brute variant will be a bit faster, but will not do the damage of the Brute(I also plan to change it's sounds). Probably it will replace the Penumbra dog and Infected.

Many content from the 2.0 will return, like most of the textures and sounds, and now also it's soundtrack will finally return to have a big part. Some sounds that got pitch lower will be a bit more like the original, as well some "new tracks". The voices will remain as the original. This is most likely happy news for who played and liked the 2.0

Other new features planned are new maps, like a new section in early game to replace the other scrapped ones, they will also help to create tension and build all up better.

A brand new monster never seen in other mods will be appear in a certain moment. It will be encountered only 1 time, wich it's more than enough and you will unserstand when seeing it

Here is a concept of it, still in hard development.

LevelEditor 2019 04 26 01 43 07

With important changes, this means that the added lore will be changed a bit.

Fixing some bugs, like regarding textures, map holes.

There will be fewer hallucinations also.

If there will be released assets free to use I will see if adding them.

I still hope to find someone that can work for making the new version of the mod and not ending up like it did before, so if you want to join the project, send me a message and I will invite you to my development group.

Cheers, Eren Kruger


How long did you make this map? Looks very good so far

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ErenKruger Author

Not much, more maps will be done later on

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