Full conversion released. This mod has the objective to improve the game, expecially the classic campaign and make it replayable, with important edits to all soundtracks and sounds of the game and more monsters to the original story

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New teaser and pic for the new monster of the mod. The Chubby from concurrent games and updates.

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Screen Simple3D 003

Here I reveal a new monster for Horror Rebuild,Chubby. Credits goes to concurrent games for the model and base skin and Roozy for the reskin.

If you seen the teaser, something might look familiar and yes,In this version of the mod, Dead Space sounds and soundtrack will be used, recently I also bringed Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light soundtrack into the mod, so yeah some of them will be there.

Maps for now are still very much in work in progress, most likely textures will change and I will try to make other tweaks. Unfortunately I'm having some problems with expanding the maps, since for unknow reasons, not all seems to change properly as they seem to not load at all, but I will see what to and try to make maybe new maps instead, despite that it will be difficult. I will look for someone good enough to make maps and scripts possibly since unfortunate a problem with a member got on Internet connection and it can't send me for now what he done, I have the chubby only because he sended me it before the problems got there. Currently the most edits are about the scripts(monster locations), you will encounter dangerus monsters earlyer on the game, the lantern will be found earlyer than the 2.0 version of the mod and last, more low your sanity is=more insanity visions will occour. There will be also used more soundtracks in quantity than on normal Amnesia, as it use the same soundtracks a few times. So I will edit the scripts to make the script use another music instead

So the Full Conversion got delayed and I have currently no idea for a release date(maybe at summer 2019, but It's impossible to be sure). But it will happen.

I'm still looking for possible new monsters, but the use of blender is a bit problematic for this, and I would prefer not getting Maya for the moment as I don't know if the trial version makes you able to do what you want. Also it costs a lot after the trial of 1 month.

Thanks for the attenction and good luck.

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