Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. Stay Tuned...This might not be the end of this series, will keep you guys updated

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Doesn't really work, does it? I'm being teleported from place to place, can't find much of a story, and with absolutely godawful voice acting. Some setpieces, such as Jefferson Street, are great, though often too barren. The custom music and sounds are also pretty good.

I see a lot of shady advertising here. No flying naked guys, no, but a lot of Penumbra dwarves appearing out of thin air, and other wheelchair scares. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not, and less often as the story progressed. Map system? There are regular notes with non-updatable maps drawn on them, hardly an original enough thought to boast as a "feature". The new HUD is pointless. Why is there even a "tubes of matches" box, when that never comes into play?

Battle system? Interesting in theory, but inferior to the already awful combat in Silent Hill. Sure, hiding in closets is a little stale, but you're still not indifferent to the Amnesia monster encounters. Even trying to run from one of these skating mummies would be more enjoyable than jiggling your mouse back and forth. There is some intensity in trying to locate an item as you are being Pearl Harbored the instant you walk through a door, but it has a very scripted feel to it, as you are relying on the stuff the mapmaker has preplaced for your use. The enemies also die too easily.

The fact that you remove all interactivity from chairs, etc. in areas where you want to force a chase scene (which equals all monster encounters after the first "boss") only enhances the feeling that you are being played by the game. I would have prefered a "weapon" to be more of a getaway aid than a monster killer, in the same way that you can stagger a grunt by throwing a barrel or something at him, but perhaps slightly more efficient.

I can appreciate the effort, I really can, it's just that the different ideas (and you certainly have some good scripting talent, no arguments there) form no coherent whole.

Well, at least 90% of the doors are not "jammed".

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May 28 2013 by PotatoDoge