Embody Harold Mason and Ryan Finch as they journey into the most chilling nightmares that a mysterious demon house provides to them. Stay Tuned...This might not be the end of this series, will keep you guys updated

Shanaka says

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The story was very well made, very long as well. I would have to say that I really enjoyed this story. I love the mechanics that you did with being able to actually fight some of the monsters, but I hated that this fell short going towards the end, I wanted to do more with this mechanic. Also, the scare factor began to lose its touch a little as it progressed as well, and to me it fell short sometime during the school chapter. A few more enemies in some of the areas would have made the scare factor a lot more intense, like in the apartment. I enjoyed how he would chase you here and there but he would disappear soon after. But aside from all of that, excellent excellent mod, I cannot wait to see what you have in store for future mods. :D

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May 28 2013 by PotatoDoge