The last entry in my big Amnesia saga, the player takes control over a young woman named Aya. Her village is suffering from a mysterious diease. A diease which soon forces Aya to leave her village in hope to find a safe place from this new plague.

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Another excellent custom story from this creator

-Excellent mapping(bonus points for the details)
-Great Story
-Immersive ambient
-Well scripted events

If you are looking for an good custom story to play,you will not regret to play this one

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Yet another very good mod from this creator. It's got tons of unique elements including custom music and objects, several new monsters and innovative scripting and puzzle designs. It's also got some genuinely scary moments and a unique plot. It does have a few problems however. The main one for me was the voice acting. Using computer generated voices may save time, but it does not come out well, and almost every time I heard someone speak, it completely broke my immersion. Also, the ending was very…

Jun 27 2016 by fastrunnin