Hello guys, this is a first Custom Story I am creating for Amnesia The Dark Descent, of which I am excited to bring to you. I am a Qualified Game's Designer, so, please don't think that this Custom Story will be lame. I have been doing 3D modelling for a longtime, so I hope you will enjoy this Custom Story. It is in early development, and I am solo creating it. It will be released later on this year.
Please be prepared for a lot of horror and Jumpscares!

If you like to know more about me, please check me out on this link: Youtube.com

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Room 2


OK, so, I haven't uploaded a picture of the first room I did a bit of work on, but, here is the second area you enter, leading you down to...lets say, the danger zone! Basically,the second area is just a tunneled area leading you too a small hatch down towards what I said "Danger zone" but in this tunneled area, will you witness something unusual? You'll find find out soon enough.
I will upload another picture of the first room soon.


Very sad, unprofessional.

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Looking forward to it!

Give me a shout if you need a tester.

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If you need any beta-testers, I am willing to help :)

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Guys, don't forget to check out my Youtube Channel, as another way to see how I'm progressing! Youtube.com

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