You find a note telling you that you're in a great danger... But a few steps further there's a different note saying that the other one lies...

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- Good level design for the most part
- Great voice acting
- The plot was interesting
- Some well made puzzles
- Music was good for the most part
- Funny references that didin't take away from the "seriousness" of the mod


- Lack of direction sometimes
- A serious bug (read further down)
- Lack of details from time to time
- Huge grammatical mistakes

Level design:

Good for the most part, but is held back from a perfect score due to many bland areas. Very common for first mods, mine is no exception. This is something you learn to add more of over time. Also, in the first outside map, I could clearly see "behind" the castle walls in some places (holes in the level design).

A few areas had grass and trees with collision. This is a very common mistake. In Amnesia, any grass or trees players can touch, can not have collision, period. It's really easy to glitch out of the map that way.

Also, in the first map, there is a table you can move that should be static. Because it's not, candles on the table are floating in the air. Also a very, very common mistake.

Music and sounds:

Great for the most part. Only time I didin't like it that much was the first outside map. At times, the music had the same volume as the rest of the game, while at other parts of the soundtrack it was loud and very annoying to listen to.


Well done, but sometimes lack direction. Take the Abandoned mansion for example. How was I supposed to know I had to use a drill to open it? On other doors, I got a message like "lock is simple" so I knew "oh, lockpick". I got no clues at all with this desk.

Same outside, when going to the cross. I couldn't go out of the village because I got a message that "I need a map first". But it was perfectly fine to leave if I jumped over the fence next to the shed. How was I supposed to know that? ^^

The plot:

Well made in my opinion. Only thing you really should fix is the grammar. I'm not removing points for this, because my grammar is far from perfect to, and I could understand the notes fine, but I wanted to touch on this a little bit.

Mostly, the grammar was great, with very few errors. Then all of a sudden, a sentence filled with typos and grammatical mistakes came up. It could be better is what I'm saying.


Well done with these. Pink guy was a funny one. You added them without making the story lame. I like to add easter eggs and surprises in my mods as well. Unfortunately, even if only 1% of my mod is "lame humor", some people will hate on it. I think it's fine though, in small doses. Authors that adds these as part of the actual plot (take for example "Pewdiepie" mods, or the anniversary mod with ******), then it's not that funny, in my opinion ^^. But adding a few of them here and there, actually makes the mod scarier, believe it or not. Being in constant fear, makes us used to it. We need to get away from it from time to time to keep being scared, and your references and easter eggs did just that. Some mods have "hub areas", places you are safe in, like the Hotel in my mod Final Revelations, and other mods have references like your mod.

Voice acting:

Excellent. Kudos to the voice actor!


This is where the mod had it's major downfall. When I went to the city and tried to use the crowbar on the hatch, it wouldn't work. Tried exit and saving, tried finding the other crowbar your puzzle solving article mentioned but it wasn't there. I had to open the level editor and remove it myself to keep moving. Funny how the crowbar then worked perfectly fine for the rest of the mod ^^.

This is a problem I have seen before though, specifically with the crowbar. I have no clue why this is happening with the crowbar sometimes, but it does.

Final verdict:

Overall, this mod is great! Interesting storyline, good puzzles, great voice acting and very creative. I must have missed this when it came out, or perhaps it didin't seem interesting to me back then, but I'm glad I tried it now.

It is held back from a perfect score due to the lack of details, the bug, and the lack of direction for certain puzzles.

8/10 - Very good, highly recommanded


TroHea says

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It was a great mod. I cannot give it a 9/10. I finished the mod with both endings and 11/14 notes. Is that good? :P Im happy to say that I never needed help from the guide. Only once with the crowbar but only because of a bug. If this was your first mod than DAMN! Tell me when you release your next.

Lots of love. :D

I started playing this yesterday and finished it tonight around 4am so pardon if my writing is a bit sloppy but I'm tired. I felt like that was a really solid chunk of a custom story! It had many creative ideas, even though I didin't necesarily liked the puzzles; many of them were just key hunts, the one in the Academy has actually managed to make me rage quit the game yesterday, kek. Mapping was pretty; locations were greatly layed-out, nicely detailed, and featured a bunch of custom assets on them which is always appreciated! I also very much liked the levels based around the other dimensions. They contrasted with mansions and dungeons neatly. Story itself was I felt kind of lacking, I thought you're going to actually look for the book Chromanin from Gothic, but in the end it wasn't so bad after all and I actually kinda fell in love with the endings (hey, it was pretty cool to see myself in the credits too, thanks!). Overally, I think it's definitely one of the better mods that are coming out for Amnesia these days, and Vuko/Darkfire is a very promising mod developer!

One of the best mods that I played, Love the easter eggs

a creative cs with some interesting twists and a very oldschoolish feeling (back to those early custom stories from 2011-2012) which i really liked. the hidden collectibles and bonus features were very much welcome as well, notes were hidden out of sight but not too much to be annoying, good balance in there! one thing i didn't like at all was the academy section it felt boring by its design and size too, some rooms were well decorated still though. level design could have been better at points, but this is your first try and it was alright, no complainments in there! you could have made it a bit more serious too and some things didn't make sense in events and story but all in all i enjoyed it from start to end. the underworld parts felt a bit out of place but they were really enjoyable, and there was the only dangerous monster encounter in the whole mod.. very nice voice acting too, but i was missing some music in some sections, they felt really empty without it. also please make the maps generally darker! it took away the scary aspect and i had barely any use for tinderboxes. 8/10, i hope you make more in the future!

Great story
Incredible and quality level design
Atmospheric environment
Sounds, hard puzzles

Bugs, see my review.



Excellent job! One of the best "original flavor" Amnesia mods, at least for story.

I have to remove one point though for a few issues though. Some of the puzzles needed more in-game hints. You provided a solution manual (which is good!), but idealy you shouldn't need it. I managed to go without using it, but I almost got stuck looking for the cross in the first act. It was a little too out of sight, I think.

The maps were well designed and I liked how each act of the story had a unique feel. I especially liked the other-worldliness you brought to the underworld journey.

The story was very unique and I liked it a lot. I noticed on your new mod SDP (or something) you stated that you would keep "reading books" out. Other than the grammar errors, which others more qualified than I can comment on, I thought they were fine.

I thought the number of monster encounters was perfect. Just enough to be a presence, but not enough to be annoying.


Great CS! Story was super interesting as well and the ambience was really cool! The voice acting is outstanding!
My only inconveniences were the glitches that I encountered which forced me to reload the game a few times, and some of the notes contained grammar mistakes that were a bit distracting. Otherwise, good job on this CS!


This mod is really good and its loosely connected to A:TDD, with some references here and there.
The maping is excellent and full of ideas. The story its a bit clumsy and don't make too much sense at first, but, somehow, it success in entertaining. There are few events, mostly cutscenes, but they are well implemented.
The custom story have two endings, both interestings.
There are no jumpscares, and thats pretty good, but alsto, there are almost no scares at all, and thats a let down in this type of game.
The most important feature of this mod, are the collectables. They make you explore everywhere to unlock the secret feature at the end. And that sole addon to the mod, sir, its what make it marvelous.
The only things one can complain about this mod are: the tiny amount of really blood chilling moments; and the somewhat-off story
Besides that, this mod is one of the best that i played in a long time.
I will be waiting for another mod from this developer. Surely, that one will be a total TEN!


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Good custom story

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