If you are tired of sword and spear game play, then welcome to the battlefield of antiquity with an Amazon twist. this mod will show you an ancient world filled with surprises with so many battlefield contraptions and variations of strategy...

Jzma says

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I've been playing RTW almost forever now, and never have I seen such horror like the war wagon. That thing made me want to play it for another eternity.

The best thing is the unit diversity. There are just too many units, I can't decide who to hire. Although most units are skirmishers and archers, it doesn't change anything - the base game didn't have many of those anyway.

The 450 B.C. start date is an amazing addition, all those new factions are great.

There is just one thing wrong with it - it doesn't work well on my toaster PC. I wonder why?

Just one more thing - why is this not an official DLC yet ?

Awesome work keep going!!!

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best mod for Rome Total War, in some respect even better than Rome II

May 29 2013 by bibi_g