Cornelius Campbell, publicly known by his stage name "The Amazing Alduin", is a world famous magician whose career is heading towards a halt. The theaters that will hire him grow ever smaller in size and although the crowd still claps it's but a painful reminder of his former greatness. The crowd has seen it all and Cornelius is prepared to do whatever it takes to make the crowd cheer in awe again. Cornelius sees an opportunity to restore his former success when an item of peculiar origins appears at an auction held in his home town of Colorado Springs.

prenz says

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This mod is absolutely fantastic.
The environment is very accurate in any single details. You can spend hours to see any single details in every room.
The voice acting is really awesome, calm and soft, and the story is very intriguing, the scares are dosed when it is necessary, with mastery.
Puzzles are intriguing as well as the music.
It's Amadeus, you're Amadeus and the music is your life!
Immerge yourself in his life and save the childrens.
Amazing mod!
Of course, it's the best of 2017.

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well.. where do i start. i've been watching this mod since the earliest screens, but visually, it exceeded all my expectations still. the long years of development can really be seen in the details :) the gameplay started out with pretty basic puzzles but as more and more of the custom assets and awesome ideas showed up i was pretty confident i'll enjoy this mod until the last second. the atmosphere was so damn amazing! and i was actually right.. though the last chapter was the least favourite of…

Dec 5 2017 by KiraImmortal