Hello guys this is my first mod i hope you like it. the mod is set during Alpujarras war in spain the war between the formly rulers of spain the muslims known now by the moriscos and between kingdom of sapin so will you join the rebels and reclaim the lands of your ancestors or you will supress this rebellion and complete the reconquestia once and for all factions : 1) andalusian rebels 2)kingdom of spain 3)kingdom of neverra 4)kingdom of aragon 5)kingdom of potgual credits : thanks to the maker of hispainia 1200 mod ( el xabeo de la cova ) which i used as base for my mod , for the maker of flintlock weapons package ( Llew2 ) , thanks to the maker of (Narf's_Plate_Armour_Pack_WB ) (Narf of Picklestink) helped me a lot , thanks for the maker of 15th century weapons (Shredzorz) and thanks for modsgroup15889 for supporting me and answering all my questions

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