IMPORTANT: You need to have version 1.3 installed, or the mod will crash for you at some point. If you have the steam version of Amnesia, then the latest version should have installed automatically. You play as Alma, a young girl living with her father somewhere in England. Alma's mother has left the family, and Alma's father has become increasingly hateful towards his daughter. Growing tired of the abusive, Alma decides it's time to do something. For some odd reason, though, Alma is finding notes of events in her life that hasn't happen yet. What is going on?

Shyrtexx says

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Finished with this custom story.

-Great story
-Level design was divine on the parts where it was divine
-Nice puzzles

-Some areas lacked details
-Dog was way too loud, the sounds were not balanced

Storyline: ✔

Not the most creative one on offer, but it was interesting and easy to follow. 8+/10

Mapping: ✔

Overall was good. Some areas were divine, but some areas lacked some details. 9-/10

Puzzles: ✔

Interesting and refreshing. Not too hard either, but not too simple. Nothing special, but still liked them, so it's 9/10

Scare factor: ✔

Arguably the strongest part of this mod. That scripted closed part in the beginning was terrifying. Also, I do regret leaving that door open ^^

The areas where it was supposed to be scary, it was- in fact, was really scary ^^ Enough said. 10/10

Overall: ✔

I liked this mod and I recommend this to everyone. Boring review, but I don't really mind. Good mod overall

Score: 9/10 - Awesome!

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Highest Rated (2 agree) 10/10

Very good story. The voice acting was great, and the map design was good as well.

Oct 23 2012 by Magabury