Aliens versus Predator Classic Redux Mod A large scale modification for Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 on Steam updating the graphics, sounds, and gameplay elements while remaining faithful to the movies.

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The best mod for the best Alien vs Predator game!! 10/10


A triumphant effort. I bought Avp on steam just for this mod after seeing the videos. Character models, hud weapons, textures and sounds all updated so much that I couldn't go back to playing the unmodded original. This is excellent work.


The best mod for AVP Classic


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Finally, the original FMVs.


Great work all across the board!
This really, really rejuvenates this great game.
Must have for every AVP fan.
Experiencing great classic game with modern (ish) looks is truly priceless. Also, new gameplay elements are very subtle and they fit in just perfectly.
Great job!

GREAT MOD! Everything has been pretty much revamped, and the game looks better than ever before. There are really only a few minor problems. For one, the aliens have been re-scaled to fit their movie size, But this can cause some aliens to get stuck in tight corridors. But these problems are nothing to sneeze at. If you own AVP: Classic 2000, This is a MUST HAVE.


Amazing work great job!


Great mod, it makes the game look a lot better than it did before, without changing it too much and keeping the original feel

This mod make's a classic look more modern while still remaining classic! I love it!

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