This GZDoom mod totally converts Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom into a full-fledged Aliens game. You must face Weyland-Yutani androids, predators, and xenomorphs a celestial battle for survival.

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Aliens: Eradication dev. 8-30-19. Wrapping up Map02 and expanding on the story-line. Some screen shots and a great video by KillsAlone. Download link for demo provided.

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Hello all!

Wrapped up all the scripting (I hope...) for map02 of this project.

At this point in the story...

The Mercenary class will be faced with a choice. Join the colonists and abandon their plundering of valuable intel, or continue their criminal deeds and murder all colonists on sight. Will the colonist's pleas convince you that there is no other way to survive the alien onslaught?

The Colonist will discover the magnitude of the danger he has been thrown into, as you face the first wave of marauding mercenaries, bent on profiting from the secret research underway at the colony.

The Yutani-operative must continue his "leave no witnesses" mission, with the alien horde making this increasingly more difficult.

The Combat-synthetic battles through swarms of aliens in an attempt to clear the colony of the biological threat.

And here is another fine video by KillsAlone, demonstrating the Combat-synthetic class, in the demo.

Download the demo here: ALIENS: ERADICATION: DEMOv2

Map02 screens:

Aliens: Eradication dev map02

Aliens: Eradication dev map02

Aliens: Eradication dev map02

Aliens: Eradication dev map02


I love this project and watched the video of whoever played it, now i'm praying that horrendous music in the background was him just playing his own and not in the final release & the machine gun crosshair graphic is way to big and the main target isn't centre! also why is the shotgun nerfed yet the machine gun seems way to op the aliens are cut like butter fair enough the face huggers but not the xenomorphs that shotgun needs a buff before launch! also you need to give the flashlight some sort of timer to make the flairs even worth using right now they're pointless and should be at least x4 more brighter than using a flashlight!

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Payload4367 Author

lol...yeah, he's using his own soundtrack, but pieces of this song do appear in small doses. Thanks for the feedback. The large smartgun reticule is to indicate to the player that the gun is in seeker/locked mode (you can make it go away with manual mode). I will continue trying to make the flares more useful, but I am against a timer for the flashlight. At least for now. I will certainly consider all of your ideas. Thanks!

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Lookin great!

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