Welcome to the Alien Swarm Director Mod! ASDM is a single player Alien Swarm mod focusing on increasing replayability by creating a dynamic experience every time you play. The ASDM complements the default Alien Swarm AI and Director in two ways. First, ASDM enhances the TileGen map generator to automatically generate the map layout for missions 2-5 every time you play. The layout is impacted by player performance, so the better you perform on mission 1, the longer and more challenging mission 2 will be. ASDM modifies the in-mission experience as well. Based on your performance some doors may or may not open and the number and type of enemies you will fight will differ. Enjoy the Alien Swarm Director Mod!! Full Source: http: bit.ly/13h5Ga5

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Why doesn't multiplayer work correctly and why can I invite friends to my game on mission 1, but they get kicked out after we complete the mission?

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Multiplayer doesn't work correctly because ASDM was built to be a single player game. However, I didn't remove several of the networking components so you can still invite people to join your lobbies. This will work for mission1 but will not work for subsequent missions in the campaign.

I know it seams odd that I took a game that was already multiplayer and forced it (for no immediately obvious reason) to become single player. In order for a sever to host multiple clients successfully, both the server and all of the clients need to have the same version of the level file (ie mission2.bsp). Because the mission files (for Missions 2-5) are randomly generated by each client, each client ends up with a different level and are not able to play together.

There are of course ways to fix this, but during my initial prototyping and reseach I wasn't able to find a solution in an adequate amount of time and had to make the design decision to go single player. If I had additional time I would certainly reincorporate multiplayer support. Perhaps if there's enough community encouragement I'll give it a go. Otherwise, if anyone else wants to try, the full source code for ASDM is publicly available: Subversion.assembla.com


As you said about the levels being adapted why instead of adapting to each player separatley you could adapt them for the group of players, that way the level generated will be the same for everyone.

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ppittle Author

Hey Raygoza,

You're correct, the server would need to generate the random component and then distribute it to each player. From my exploration of the code, Alien Swarm originally had the functionality to support random multiplayer levels. A random seed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Random_seed) would be generated server side and then distributed to each player. The tilegen process would then use the seed so that each player generated identical layout files. If this worked (I didn't get a chance to fully investigate it and test it) this would solve the majority of the problem.

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this answered my question.

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