Alex Total Overhaul is an overhaul for Total War Rome II. Some of the features include: - All units are 50% larger (infantry units become 240 men, cavalry units become 120 men, missile infantry 180 and so on); - No more Formation Attack; - Charges are better, deeper, more knockout effect; - Added morale penalty for being charged in flanks (vanilla game didn't had one); - Archer have more range, now they feel more like real archers; - Minimum delay between attacks have been shortened, so men are more active on the battlefield; - Unit formations are deeper, up to 8 rows of men; - Better pike formation (more powerfull pikemen); - All legionnaires units have Shield Wall formation; - Testudo formation actually works (really stops missiles); - Overall, unit formations (shield wall, shield screen, testudo, pike wall, hoplite phalanx) are more important; - Units available to certain factions have been added to otter factions as well, this way increasing units variation;

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