Alchemilla Mod is an attempt to recreate original atmosphere of cult game Silent Hill on the Source Engine. It is not a rebuild of one of the games of series, it is its own history on its own reasons. Above all things is a project developed for fanatics of the original game.

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I'm giving this mod a 10. Why? Because it's among the best mods made for HL2 and the fact that it doesn't even remotely feel like a HL2 mod, makes it even better. The atmosphere is fantastic and very reminiscent of SH2. I really recommend trying this mod out if you're a fan of the SH Series.

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Let me start out by saying the level design is fantastic, and really makes me forget it is a Source mod. The sound design is great too, as well as the custom textures and models. Its really nice to see a total conversion mod like this. The atmosphere from the exteriors to the interiors is true to Silent Hill, and it seems it was nailed perfectly. But that is where the good grace ends. I understand that you had intentions of adding fighting and enemies but you lacked the man power to do so, so I…

Jan 18 2015 by Shirk