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v0.33 Alt+Tab Problem (Games : Battlefield 2 : Mods : AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD : Forum : Trouble Shooting / Technical Support : v0.33 Alt+Tab Problem) Locked
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Apr 11 2013 Anchor


I installed MiniMOD v0.33 after installing bf2 v1.5 patch, original AIX2 mod and v0.32b of the MiniMOD.
I have a strange bug in this version. If I Alt+Tab out of the game and then back in, I lose all HUD elements. This means no crosshair, no HUD in airplanes or helis, unable to select kit and spawnpoint etc. This happens at any point of the game, even if I Alt+Tab before even loading a map. In v0.32 I never experienced this problem.
Any ideas?

OS: Win8 Home Premium (64bit)
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
Graphics: Radeon HD6770
BF2 Version: 1.5
MiniMOD Version: 0.33
How BF2 was bought: Retail
In-game graphic settings: All High
In-game resolution: 1280 x 1024

Apr 19 2013 Anchor

Hi, have you try to use BF2 AIX2exMM in / with admin rights and in compatility mode (i.e. WinXP sp3) with desctop recreation deactive ?
Have you installed the BF2 Alt/Tab fix (its an dll replacement file for DirectX 9) ?
See you any BF2 error message (when you run BF2/Aix2exMM in window mode) ? If yes report them.

as fast tip - rename the "/mods/aix2epmm/" to any thing like this "/mods/aix2epmm-old/" and reinstalled the full client (not the 0.32-> 0.33 patch) - the 1.3 GB big pack archive. Look after this if there is any entry in the "install-error.txt" (in mods/aix2epmm/) - if yes - correct this problems first before you run aix2epmm.

btw. i run BF2/Aix2/Aix2exMM on an Win7 (64bit) OS, HD 4870x2 graphic card, all graphic settings in BF2 on UltraHigh (4) and an BF2 ingame screen resultion at 1600*1200 at window mode (desctop resulution on Win7 is normal at 1900*1200), without any problems like yours.

May 14 2013 Anchor

Thanks for the advice P4D-830.

First of all I have to report that this is not AIXex's problem, since I later found out that I had the same issue with other mods and with vanilla BF2. Then I found out about the Alt+Tab fix but to no avail, since applying the fix did not resolve the issue.

Anyway, for now I have limited time to deal with the issue, but the next step would be to make a clean install of BF2 and apply the full 1.5 patch (which allegedly includes the Alt+Tab fix) and see what will happen.

Thanks again.

May 20 2013 Anchor

No Sir - dont mix them - Widescreen fix and AltTab fix.

AltTab fix filelink ->

The AltTab fix is not included in "Bf2 patch level 1.5" ... (it comes later) you should install it then as last one (but make an backup of the replaced files before - i.e. look inside the archive (from the AltTab fix) and rename the org. bf2/directX files from/in your normal bf2 install to xxxxx-org.??? or what ever you want here).

And after install the fix you should remove the shader caches files from your Bf2 "profiles" section (search for "cache" and "mods/xpack/cache/" + /mods/bf2/cache/) - all of them (there are minimal 3 differend in Bf2 1.5 - if you use serval mods there can be more "caches") ! Bf2 creates then new ones at start time...

And for further infos about some issues look as excample here - its for PR but has some interresting things in it....

Edited by: P4D-830

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