Age of Fighting Sail is a napoleonic ship combat game with focus on timing and strategy. Each ship has unique handling capabilities, and players need to rely on wind, acceleration and turn speed to deal the most devastating broadsides on their foes. Killing ships yield bounty, from which you can purchase more and deadlier ships. The first team to reach the kill goal wins.

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Version 0.0.6 released!


Hello captain!

I am proud to present that version 0.0.6 is now ready to leave the drydocks. Apart from some bug fixes, there are two major new features in this build:

Gold Pickups
Pickups will periodically spawn on the map as an alternate form of income. First player to race to it will be rewarded with 250 gold - enough to buy a fearsome sloop. Smaller ships will benefit from this due to their faster movement speed. Income has also been recalibrated so that periodic income gives twice as much, and ship bounty 25% less. Overall, these features are to reduce the upperhand given to players who win the initial battle, and to make sure no player has to get stuck with a sloop while the others roam with battleships.

Doubled Performance
A bottleneck has finally been located in the cannonball script, effectively removing the lag you used to experience during broadsides. Framerate drops are now almost nonexistent on high-end computers, and significantly reduced on low-end ones. I benchmarked it on a crappy laptop I got for free while extending an internet subscription, and it runs steadily at 15-30 fps (regular warcraft runs at 30) even when 350 cannonballs are in the air simultaneously.

The full changelog, aswell as the map, can be found in the downloads section. You can always find the newest version at Hive Workshop. Happy sailing!

Age of Fighting Sail released!

Age of Fighting Sail released!


Conquer the seas and unleash devastating broadsides on your foes in this new, physics-based map for Warcraft III! Age of Fighting Sails features things...

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Age of Fighting Sail v0.0.6

Age of Fighting Sail v0.0.6

Full Version 1 comment

Version notes: v0.0.5 - Team kills will no longer give you bounty or kill points. - Reduced gold bounty gained from 80% of ship cost to 60%. - Increased...

Age of Fighting Sail v0.0.4

Age of Fighting Sail v0.0.4

Full Version

v0.0.4 - Removed ship formation movement since the SyncSelections native might be whats causing the delay in unit orders. - Might have fixed the minigun-barrel-roll-bug...

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