Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a strange drug. Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears. Finally, you go to Markland Hospital, seeking help. First, however, you make a stop into the bathroom, where another bottle of pills awaits you, standing out like a beacon in the night in your depraved eyes. When will it all stop?

Hedgepig23 says

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Scariest game/mod I have ever played for Half-Life, and I haven't even got past the 2nd chapter yet... I keep on ******** myself.
It's not a 10 because the only bad thing is that you walk way too fast.

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An amazing atmosphere, sounds and great enemies. It gives you the perfect feeling that your all alone, but your not at the same time.

Dec 21 2010 by Prowler445