Action Half Life 2 is designed to simulate the experience of being in an Action movie. Movies like Hard Boiled, Face Off, and Die Hard are the inspiration for AHL. AHL2 is AHL reborn on Source engine.

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nobady plays it thats the problem


jeffercize says

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Very fun. A lot like the specialists but less action moves.

May not be as best as it's prequel, the original Action Half-Life, but it still manages to pull the stunt off in this KICK *** sequel! WOO!!


It's still early days I guess, but as with the first version of this mod it struggles somewhat to find a sweet spot for things like movement speeds and friction regarding the acrobatics etc. but in terms of level design and overall polish it's very well put together and the new 'grindhouse' aesthetic is doing huge favours thematically, so big thumbs up there.


awesome mod. just wish that we could change the crosshair to like, a circle thingy, but maybe that's because i'm a noob.


Ark11 says

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This is the most ridiculous mod I have ever played. Could not be anymore fun. Great work dev team.


this is masterpiece!

This is a great game. Period. A remake of the original that does it right. Pace, gameplay, and overall design is just all spot on. The stunts make it a unique experience. Give it a try!


This mod is great!

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nobady plays it thats the problem

Dec 22 2011 by to-der-trenches