Absent Grave is a Max Payne 2 total conversion featuring zombies. The mod includes new levels, skins, weapons, sounds, music, animations and more.

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It seems like something great could have come out of this, but instead we are left with a resident evil clone without the huge hordes of zombies, 4 small cramped levels. Its wasted potential for a real resident evil game, come to think of it I can't think of a single resident evil themed mod that made it to release so I suppose this one has atleast achieved something...

Mindless zombie slaying, but once you understand where the zombies spawn and use all the weapons against them, it get's old very fast :(


Kishan_Barai says

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Best Mod

Very good Mod...One of my favorites

This is a very entertaining zombie survival mod for Max Payne. The essential gameplay elements are intact, but with a cliche yet well executed twist. However, the zombies have set spawn points and there are some areas that you can stand in to actually make them all stop moving. More maps and more varied and random enemy spawn locations could make this much more engaging.


Ryker says

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After 10 minutes you stop playing cause its always the same.



is lol


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