There's been some problems on an icebreaker, a ship called Connector. It is imperative to Global Security that nothing escapes it. You and your squad must infiltrate the ship, eliminate all hostile forces and secure the staff. You'II have to rely on your weaponry and use your skills if you want to accomplish this mission. No one knows what awaits you there, but expect the worst possible scenario. So pack your gear and move your ass to base. The aircraft leaves in 4 hours.


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Some Music Files (EARLY ALPHA)

Some Music Files (EARLY ALPHA)

Music 3 comments

Name of the title says it all, I don't have enough imagination for texts.

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Nakelot Creator
Nakelot - - 109 comments

Hey everyone, we are totaly not dead, we had some problems but we figured where the mod should be heading. Not gonna spoil much.

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Blue199 - - 6,971 comments


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Syph0 - - 528 comments

Good to hear!

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Nine_The_Moder - - 6 comments

If this is still a thing, i wouldn't mind assisting with Voice acting of any kind. Be it soldier or A.I.

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JanKaszanka039 - - 53 comments

Seems interesting, hit me up if you need any playtesters

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XIVTrahsion - - 187 comments

This looks great! I love the plot and everything. I really am thinking about postponing my project stasis for a while to work with you. Please PM me if you want to do anything with map design, I cannot model weapons but I can map and help with animation for NPCs.

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X-Ray. - - 992 comments

Thanks for the update!

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cheezkid - - 39 comments

Oh thank god, I read the description and thought "this is really ******* cool" then I saw the "TBD" tag and got worried it was dead.

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Guest - - 699,361 comments


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Syph0 - - 528 comments

When I said it looked better last time I meant that the logo and the design looked better. The plot is fine. I wish the best of luck to your mod.

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