Abeyance is the final entry into the trilogy of mods featuring the protagonist Jane Doe. Developing Abeyance was a pretty experimental and challenging experience for me as I wanted to confine everything into one single map. As a result play time is rather short but I hope someone finds some joy in this.

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Just had the pleasure of playing Abeyance. It was a short experience and I'm applauding the creator for the visual presentation. All areas are nicely detailed, lighting is great and the usage of models gives the Goldsrc engine a different appeal.

The mod only consists out of 1 map, which is fine by me because (being a mapper myself) it can take a long long time to create a full blown single player MOD by yourself. The recently released Echoes MOD took nearly 5 years! So I'm certainly not going to give the creator any flak because of this.

However, the way the levels are designed and the intended gameplay do not lengthen the experience at all. Every part of the map can be won by simply running straightforward into the next teleporter. It doesn't help that each part more or less has the same ending (black room with jumping puzzle). The only thing holding you back from speedrunning this within 2 minutes, are the cutscenes. At first it was a suprise to end up back in my bed, but I really didn't have to watch my character wake up for a third time.

So, while it all looks great, there isn't really much to actually play in this MOD. Imho, if your mod is only 1 map, then really try to sqeeze as much out of it as possible. Make the fights hard, put in more puzzles, make players circle around and reuse rooms for different purposes. Now it feels like it's just parts being loosly stitched together without a clear goal.

I really love your detailing and lighting, but since it's an old engine, the visuals will never be as important as the actual gameplay and that's what really falls short in Abeyance. Therefor my rating of 6/10.

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