A custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent in which you once again take on the role of Daniel, roughly one year after his ordeal at Brennenburg. Daniel has been doing quite well since his escape, but one night, a loud crash awakens him. It is up to you to investigate the source of the disturbance, and find out what it all means. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE JUSTINE FOR THIS STORY.

fastrunnin says

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I really liked this mod. The idea was intriguing, and it had a great atmosphere with some solid scares as well. It was also quite long and the ending was awesome. Unfortunately, there are 2 significant issues that, in my opinion, prevented this from truly being great.

1. Monsters. There were at least 2-3 times more monsters than were needed. There were a few really well done, scary sequences, but overall, I felt that every time I made progress a monster would show up, and it got to the point where it really started to break the atmosphere.

2. Creativity. About 30% of the puzzles, maps and sequences, were almost a carbon copy of things from the vanilla game, and another 60% is stuff that ive seen in god knows how many other mods. Only about 10% is really unique to this mod (mine, mannequin part and ending, that's about it).

It's a shame because if that stuff was fixed, this would be an easy 9, but I can't justify a higher rating considering that those two things did significantly impact my experience. For anyone looking for a tribute or something very similar to Amnesia, this is a great choice. For those looking for a unique experience, look elsewhere.

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I finished Abduction and I feel like I should express my thoughts on it. Overall, it's decent. It has some good and new ideas (like the boss fight, that was awesome), however with many mistakes it decreases its quality, could've been much better. Continuing Amnesia's story seemed quite a wrong choice at the start. Until chapter 3, it was so. Then it turned out to be not a bad story, and even made some sense at some points, especially at the end. Traveling through realms was a good idea too. Some…

Jul 13 2011 by Tanshaydar