A custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent in which you once again take on the role of Daniel, roughly one year after his ordeal at Brennenburg. Daniel has been doing quite well since his escape, but one night, a loud crash awakens him. It is up to you to investigate the source of the disturbance, and find out what it all means. IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE JUSTINE FOR THIS STORY.

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Somehow, I was incapable of finding the lantern, hence I couldn't use it throughout the entire gameplay... However, the lack of this item made it even more fun, because it was dark and spooky almost all the time! Plus, I played it at night, so the experience truly was a terrifying one! The dungeons looked original and creative. What's more, they were so narrow that I felt claustrophobic, which happens... rarely...

And what a lovely hall it was, you know, the one with two lions and two eagles! It calmed my ragged nerves and every time I escaped the creepy areas, I took a soothing bath in the exquisite pond!

I also loved the story! The notes about the afterlife were engrossing, whereas the ending was satisfying. The only thing that was missing was voice-acting.

Finally, when it comes to the puzzles, they were really interesting! Moreover, their difficulty level was just fine - not too hard, nor too easy!

Marvellous job! :)

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I finished Abduction and I feel like I should express my thoughts on it. Overall, it's decent. It has some good and new ideas (like the boss fight, that was awesome), however with many mistakes it decreases its quality, could've been much better. Continuing Amnesia's story seemed quite a wrong choice at the start. Until chapter 3, it was so. Then it turned out to be not a bad story, and even made some sense at some points, especially at the end. Traveling through realms was a good idea too. Some…

Jul 13 2011 by Tanshaydar