The World of Game of Thrones will be coming to Bannerlord, Join the ranks of one of the many Lords or Kings in The world of Westeros, become and outlaw and prey on those weaker than yourself. Or try raise yourself up to the status of Lord, Or maybe even perhaps someday a King. A storm of swords will allow you to live in the world of game of thrones, You will be able to visit Notable locations from the shows and meet important and influential characters.

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Done some work on house Tyrell and their associated castle, Highgarden. Have also started designing buildings for townsfolk and other citizens in the reach.

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So I thought I'd take a break from northern buildings so I did some work on a highgarden model. It resembles the one seen in season 7 of the shows a bit but I have changed it a bit to make it look a bit bigger and more impressive.


Highgarden has two entrances, don't know why I just thought it might make sieges more interesting. You might have noticed that the entrance is really high up, its not, its just I made the floor go really far down to make it easier to place on a mountain.


An image from the back, you can see there are battlements above each gate so defenders will be able to shoot down on any attackers that might be trying to break in.


A simple shield model I made, I'm DEFINITELY getting someone else on board to make armor models


Building's like these will be dotted around the countryside surrounding highgarden. They act as homes and work areas for citizens who live nearby.


Another example


Third example. would like to note that more will be made to increase variety. the ones you see now are just the first few to give you guys an idea of the building styles.


Looking good :) Really expecting a very good release

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Do you make these with Sketchup? Is there a reliable way to get them into the game from Sketchup? I've tried to import some Sketchup models into the creation kit from Bethesda in the past, but that involved a lot of exporting to 3DSMAX, extensive cleanups and questionable results. They look good though

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-zx- Author

Buildings are modeled in sketch up just because of the simplicity. Whilst items like weapons and armour are modeled in blender. Unsure if there will be a reliable way to get them into M&B because the modding tools aren’t out yet. However worst case scenario I spend an extra bit of time converting some models. No biggy

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Cool, good luck!

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