A soldier's life is only worth as much as the nation and cause he fights for, his personal beliefs do not matter, only his skill, endurance, bravery and unquestionable loyalty to do what your ordered & kill the enemy. This is a tale from the perspective of Alexander Rikov, during the Black Mesa incident.

cryptid85 says

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AMAZING MOD! I love OP4 to death, it's quite possibly my favorite game of all time! This is a wonderfully done OP4 mod, it feels like an expansion pack to OP4 (yes an expansion to an expansion!) since it takes place in the HL universe and even has some very good references to the OP4 story while not doing anything new, kind of like Blue Shift. You get a ton of weapons and there are many friends to help you out along the way. It's a blast! Try this one out!

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