In Max Payne 2's story, Vlad detonates the bomb on Vinnie's suite and killed him, thus making him out of the game and never helped Max in tracing down Vlad. But what if Vinnie survived and go with Max & Mona after Vlad at Woden's mansion? Him helping Payne and fighting alongside him while Mona gives support, this dream is not true!

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Max Paune 2


After playing around in max payne's game files, and getting help from 2 guys (H-G, sokajoru) who were the reason that allowed me to figure out all this, I managed to turn the "Love Hurts" chapter into a new and fun experience. Vinnie is now alive and ready to assist Max throughout the chapter. This makes Max, Mona, and Vinnie, the last 3 standing in Vlad's way.

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I am still hoping to find ways to add new npcs'enemies, but in the mean time, I can only manipulate existing ones on the map. Hopefully, I can find a way in the future.

I also have the map available here to download:

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A Path Never Was

A Path Never Was

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Hello for anyone reading this. I am the maker of "Half-Life Bleen Shift" mod and as a big fan of Max Payne, I am happy to finally make one of my dream...

Greenth-Mac Creator

To anyone visiting my mod page, this video is about unfinished projects done by a cool modder, check his stuff, he really had some good ideas that sadly never make it, yet he is still willing to at least finish one of them:

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I liked the Resident Evil edits, they could actually work for a full mod and the 3D Main Menu looked fun. The time crisis mod looked absurd but it was impressive how it tries to convert the engine to something absolutely different with only the shooting in common :D

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