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Post tutorial Report RSS [Know Your Weapons: EP2] Eurofighter Strike Variant (For UK & Germany)

The second episode: The Eurofighter strike variant is designed to engage highly defended enemy bases, using their long range, stealthy, terrain following Storm Shadow cruise missiles. The aircraft is also capable of self-defense using their advanced long range air-to-air missile, the Meteor.

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Know Your Weapons Episode 2
The Eurofighter Strike Variant

he Eurofighter strike variant is the answer for the very long range area denial air-defense systems such as the Patriot Missile system, the S-400 system, the SAMP-T, and the FD-2000 system. Using its very long range Storm Shadow(UK), or KEPD-350(Germany) missiles, the aircraft can attack important enemy building at great ranges, and immediate return to base after the missile is released and avoid entering the heavily defended zone of the enemy bases.

For the UK variant, the aircraft carries 2 Storm Shadow cruise missile, capable of following the terrain, evading radar and reach a max speed of 1000 km/h (mach 0.8), with a max range of 500 km. The warhead it carried is a 450 kg multiple stage, BROACH warhead, capable of using its smaller primary charge to breach into the enemy's bunker, and detonating a the larger secondary charge after the breach to maximize the damage to the inside of the bunker.

For the German variant, the aircraft carries a similar payload of 2 KEPD-350 cruise missile, with the similar terrain following, stealth characteristics, the similar subsonic top speed of mach 0.8 to 0.95, and the similar range of 500+ km. However, the missile carries a heavier 500 kg Mephisto warhead, also designed with multiple stages to penetrate enemy bunkers before detonating its primary charge.

Both the UK and German variants carries 2 Meteor missiles for self-defense purposes to engage designated aerial targets at range.

[Basic Properties]
Cost: 19800 (UK) 14000 (German)
Speed: 40 (UK) 37 (German)
Armament: 2 (2 Storm Shadow / 2 Meteor for UK) 2 (2 KEPD 350/ 2 Metoer for Germany)
Strength: 700
Armor: Aircraft Armor Medium (represents high ECM/ Chaff & Flare/ DIRCM proteciton)
Primary: Storm Shadow (UK) & KEPD-350 (German) (Range=125)
Secondary: Meteor (Range=30)

Strength in [health points]
Speed in [dist/sec]
Range in [dist]
**The properties of the unit could be revised in future versions

Striking Against Enemy Bases
[Attack: Basics]
Form a four-ship squadron in an attack, and release 8 missiles at once to overwhelm the enemy's long range air-defense systems, maximizing the chance of success of an air-attack.

[Defend: Basics]
Release the cruise missiles as far away from the enemy base as you can to avoid your Eurofighter to enter the defended zone of the enemy bases.

[Attack: More Advanced Topics]
Use air-defense suppressors to support your air-raid: before launching the cruise missile attack, you can use the Tornado IDS (for UK players), or the Tornado ECR (for Germany players) to take out key enemy air-defense missile launchers, making your opponent less capable of defending against the cruise missiles.

[Defend: More Advanced Topics]
Use terrain as cover, plan your flight path ahead of an air-attack. Use the mountains and cliffs as the shield for your cruise missiles against enemy air-defense fires. If your target is near a cliff, the time between your cruise missiles popping-up from the cliffs and hitting the target would be short enough to ensure an almost certain hit.

Defending Against an Eurofighter Strike Variant
[Defend: Basics]
Increase the number of air-defense missile launchers, flak cannons and self-propelled anti-air guns. Place your short range anti-air missile launchers in a tank bunker closely situated around your important buildings to fend off the remaining missiles breaching your long range air defenses. The bunker would improve the survival rate of your short range air defense vehicle.

[Defend: More Advanced Topics]
Base forward: Anticipate the flight path of your enemy's Eurofighters, place an air-defense unit or structure on the path, and shoot them down before they have an opportunity to launch missiles.

[Defend: More Advanced Topics]
Secure forward air-dominance: place your air-defense fighter aircraft or air-defense ships forward, shoot down the incoming enemy fighters before they can launch the missiles.

[Attack is the Best Defense]
Destroy your enemy's Eurofighters on the ground: Attack their air base base with your own Eurofighters, tactical ballistic missiles, naval cruise missiles or long range artillery, before they have a chance to launch or re-launch a cruise missile attack on you.

Defeating your Opponent with Eurofighters
[Preemptive Attack]
Launch preemptive attack on your opponent's Construction yard as soon as you have the Eurofighters. And this would significantly alter the tide of battle, as if you're in a 4 vs 4 battle, then, you would alter the situation in to 4 vs 3 in favor of your side.

[Spear Head]
Use your Eurofighters as a spear head: take out the important structures and air-defenses of the enemy base, and allow your follow up attacks using short range, high payload aircraft (e.g.: Tornado IDS, F-35 UK version, Tornado IDS of Germany), or attack helicopters.

However, there is always new tactics and strategies waiting to be discovered!

Have a great fun exploring the ways of using the Eurofighters in A General's Game!


Nice missiles they carry, nice)

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yurilee19871021 Author

Hahahah, Thank you!
Have a great fun with us!

Best Wishes,
Your Mod Deveolper

Yue-Li Lee

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