A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... In a time when a crumbling Republic combated a clouded Confederacy; giving birth to a tyrannical Empire and a Dark Lord to be feared for ages to come...

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

Humbarine ? Never heard of it :P
But you have a very good beginning for your mod. BTW, Corsucant shouldn't be more close to the galaxy core ?

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The_Darker_Side Author

The planets themselves are in the right position, I just haven't finished enlarging the galaxy model. So that's why it is out of proportion.

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Hey, I know its been a while since the last update ... But progress has slowed down to a crawl since the school year kicked back up again. So, I decided to showcase the Core World portion of the galaxy. Which is coded to the canonical positions which includes trade routes. There are only a couple things that need to be changed which is the lower right half needs to be shifted down a bit, including Kuat as they are crushed together a tiny bit (based on how I am doing the galaxy). And the only thing missing for the Core Worlds is 1 planet. That planet being Humbarine. So, I might start working on the Colonies worlds portion of the galaxy to get ahead and prepare.

Also, I decided to do both the CIS and Republic to show off their canonical starting points in the Core Worlds. Along with an updated version of the mod soundtrack (which is really cool. Fits the mood and theme for both factions.).

Anyways, enjoy and please keep waiting for more updates in the future. Especially some special things! So coming soon, officially, is a finalized Planet List, look for it in the Features section of the mod!