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Hope everyone had a good Labor Day! In this news post, we'll be going over everything that shown off this weekend!

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Hello all! I hope everyone's Labor Day was a great one! I know that you guys have been pretty excited with what has been shown off. Speaking of stuff being shown off, I'll be going over what was revealed over the weekend.


So, earlier this week we revealed some of our Jedi minor heroes and teased how the same very system for the Jedi minor heroes will work for the Dark Acolytes. To go a little bit more in-depth, Jedi minor heroes can only be recruited through a Jedi Temple which can only be built on the following worlds:
- Coruscant
- Rhen Var
- Ossus
- Devaron
- Dantooine
- Ilum

These worlds are critical to increasing your diverse Jedi command or make a pure Jedi army to conquer the known galaxy. Jedi knight units are also recruitable at Jedi temples and are only recruitable on the same planets as listed. As we already listed a few Jedi minor heroes that we've got up and running, so it's only fair that we update it:

- Shaak Ti
- Ki-Adi-Mundi
- Luminara Unduli
- Sian Jeisel
- Bultar Swan
- Aayla Secura
- Adi Gallia (Space Only)
- Saesee Tinn (Space Only)
- Serra Keto

Now, when it comes for the Dark Acolytes, they'll only be recruitable through Sith Temples. Sith Temples can only be built on the following planets:

- Coruscant
- Korriban
- Thule
- Zigoola
- Ossus
- Yavin 4
- Raxus Prime

Later down the road we'll reveal the list of Dark Acolyte minor heroes that will be making their way into the mod. As for now, we can most definitely confirm that Sith acolytes and Sith enforcer tanks (as seen in the 2002 Clone Wars game) will be recruitable on said worlds with a Sith Temple.


We've showed off a good number of models over the past week or so. So, we figured we'd go over a few of them with you.

Trade Federation Space Station

TF Space Station Levels

The Trade Federation Space Station model is based on Spacestation 1138 from the game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. In the game, more specifically the mission titled "Prison Break", Spacestation 1138 is a Trade Federation prison station. Despite this, we'll go ahead and take a few liberties and make this station a little larger and add a few more turrets to it for the sake of it being a decently well equipped space station.

Trade Federation Airbase

Trade Federation Airbase

This here is a model that was finished over the weekend and wasn't shown until now. So, surprise! Anyways, this is the Trade Federation Airbase that is based on the Trade Federation Airbase from the game Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. It looks rather odd being blocky but keep in mind that this is just one giant landing pad with a miniature hangar on top. Overall, this is the structure where aerial units such as the HMP and MAF are buildable.

Republic Airbase

Republic Airbase

This here is the Republic Airbase. It is based on a Republic Landing Pad model from the 2002 Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. Although the landing pad was big enough fit roughly 2 LAATs, we're going to to make it a little bit bigger in the mod. This structure will be where you can build all of your Republic aerial units like the LAAT.

CIS Barracks

CIS Barracks

The CIS Barracks is based on a barracks structure used by the CIS during the Alaris Prime levels in the 2002 Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. Like all barracks structures, your Confederacy infantry units will be buildable here.

CIS Vehicle Hangar

CIS Vehicle Hangar

The CIS Vehicle Hangar is based on the CIS Vehicle Hangar from the Thule levels in the 2002 Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. The CIS Vehicle Hangar will be a structure that is smaller than the vehicle factories. Smaller vehicles like the STAP and AST are buildable through this structure. Larger military vehicles will require bigger factories. So, if you are in desperate need of getting a structure built quickly to hold control on a planet, the Vehicle Hangar is the structure for you.


A few units have popped up over the past couple of days that are technically they're first time ever being put into a Forces of Corruption mod. That accomplishment is something we strive to achieve. So let the gates of nostalgia open if they've haven't already!

Commerce Guild Bomber

Commerce Guild Bomber

The Commerce Guild Bomber is based on the bomber of the same name from the Clone Campaigns expansion for the game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Since the reveal of this unit, the model has under gone a couple of changes as somewhat seen in the picture above. This bomber will be one of a diverse array of units within the Confederacy's fleet. Of course they'll make up the pre spawned fleets of Commerce Guild worlds within the Confederacy (like Felucia and Korriban), but more about this feature later.

Armored Scout Tank (AST)

Armored Scout Tank (AST)

The Armored Scout Tank (AST) is based on the vehicle toy of the same name from the "Episode I" and "The Clone Wars" toy lines by Hasbro. The AST is a small repulsorlift craft that was used by the Trade Federation and CIS for hit-and-run missions as well as smaller support units. Unique in design, this will be buildable only through the Vehicle Hangar making it instantly available for use amongst CIS invasion forces.

Vehicle Armored Carrier (VAC)


The Vehicle Armored Carrier is based on the transport of the same name from the 2002 Star Wars: The Clone Wars game. Long has this transport been a want of mine in the mod as well as a personal challenge of mine to make given the severe lack of reference material. The VAC will be one of the CIS's more streamline transports for smaller and regular sized units (e.g. AAT, AST, STAP, GAT, HAG).


This looks like the end for the Labor Day weekend recap. There is more we've got planned for you guys and we hope you're all hanging on the edge of your seat!

Oh! I forgot to mention, I posted a planet list a few weeks ago and I do understand that it did get deleted. That deletion was an accident on my part and I have been, unfortunately, too lazy to reupload it. I figured I'd upload the planet list again once I've broken down the strategic values of the planets for you guys as all planets in the mod will have important value either it be footholds in areas of enemy space that are hard to reach OR for mining, farming, prodution, and research value.

All in all, may the Force be with you all!

* All models pictured were made by The_Darker_Side *

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