A modification for Mount and Blade: Warband, set in the universe of George R. R Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire". Also known as the popular HBO TV-series "Game of Thrones".

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I'm not going to address the whole author drama, it's largely irrelevant. It probably just means that he will be insensitive towards your criticism. But anyway, here's mine.

This mod tends to be beloved by the community, and even though I have many problems with it it doesn't mean this mod is absolutely unenjoyable. For the many fans of the show and of the universe, this is going to be atleast somewhat enjoyable for the first 100 or so days.

THE START: The Start is unbelievably unforgiving and unenjoyable. For the poor people who bought this game just for the mod, it's going to be hellish. I've yet to see a mod, and I've played quite a few in my 2500+ hrs, that thrusts you into the world this weak and unprepared. Your puny sword can (and will) glance off looters, so going against forest bandits is completely out of the question, and your starting strength (maximum is 9) is 3 levels under the first useful weapon, the Arming sword (12 strength required). You also start off without a shield or a horse, which means you can't crowd control those looters. The dev tried to solve this through having initial quests that kickstart you into the world, and also by scattering throughout the world map sites of interest (for the lore of the universe) which earn you some experience. However I don't believe that's enough. Yes, I did make it through, but it wasn't a very enjoyable experience since I had to serve Ser Daven Lannister for 30+ days to earn the skill and equipment to just DO DAMAGE. Don't stay in Westeros kids, go to Essos then come back when you're fully equipped.

QUESTS: They are good. The ones which I did find. Now, the quests can be extremely good, like the new Night's Watch one (seriously it's absurd, although losing my hard earned militiamen like that was harsh), but I just can't find them. I scan the bloody world, from Bravoos to Oldtown, and I keep seeing characters that just ell me to **** off or something. Apparently they'll give me a quest when I have a ton of renown or something. But I don't want to grind FOR the quest, I want to grind THROUGH them.

WORLD: Now, I won't give points for the setting (that would just be cheating), so what remains? Not a lot. Without quests, in the mid game, what will you do? Well, there are very few spawns that are worth fighting, the rest give bad loot, or are too fast. There are some places in Essos you can raid, but that's about it. The pathfinding is also very bad, you will fight against it most of the time, and the F O R E S T S. By the Father, what are those forests? I really disagree with making the Stormlands the starting point because of them, they are so dense you can't see the 60 Kingswoods outlaws waiting to absolutely smash you, you can literally find Lords just because of the tip of their banner.

BATTLES: Boy I have a lot to say about these, they're the reason why I'm making a review in the first place.
The Battle scenes aren't random, there's like 5 of them per biome, some are reused. They tend to be ok-ish to fight in, and many have some very weird pathfinding issues with the bots.

HORSES OR FEET?: Here's the part that I dislike the most. This mod makes every type of fighting tedious, be it ranged, by foot, or by horse.
Ranged types suffer a nerf that is, in my opinion, massive: -2 to Power Throw and draw for medium armour, -4 for heavy armour. Grinding in the mod is, due to the emptiness of the world, very aggravating, so having to deal with that is harsh.
Dear heavy footmen, I'm sure you've heard the meme. Nothing more historical than stumbling from one end to the other of the battlefield. For the innocent ones, there is a very tedious mechanic that makes you randomly stumble if you're going backwards. I don't think the thing scales with Athletic skill (as in, it makes you stumble less if at all). You could be walking for a mile, or a centimeter, but you can stumble. You can't turn it off.
What makes this more aggravating is the horses. I have no idea why the concept of heavy cavalry is this frowned upon by the mod. The most armour horses get is 15, unless we're talking of the armoured ones that cost, like, 20k or so and are to be considered end game material. Basically, cavalry is almost useless, if anything you should dismount them. The units that have armoured horses are so few (not even most of the knights in westeros have them) is incredible. You're going to charge, then your horse is going to die in 10 seconds, and you're going to have to stumble your way to your infantry. If you want extra sadism, just don't turn off Horse Scaling and spear bracing (every single paesant has a spear BTW). I don't know why though, there are barded horses in the show and sometimes GRRM described them, and there are PLATED warhorses. As of now, fighting on horseback doesn't start feeling good until the end game, but getting there is a chore.

This mod can and must improve, Cozur, I tried to be as helpful as possible with this review, given the word limit.

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this is a great mod for mount and blade warband and a great mod showing th Game of thrones universe

Oct 24 2012 by snjolaugur