This mod tries to remove the 30fps cap of unit, particle and building movement. By using the highest game speed option everything can move at 60 fps.

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3 new ships: Munificent Frigate, MC 40 Frigate and Dreadnought Cruiser. New effects for lasers and proton torpedos and small adjustments.

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Version 0.4 brings 3 new ships and new effects for lasers and proton torpedos during space battles

Dreadnought Cruiser for the Empire

Dreadnought HardpointsDreadnought Showcase

MC 40 Frigate for the Rebels

MC40 HardpointsMC40 Showcase

Munificent Frigate for the Zann Consortium

Munificent HardpointsMunificent Showcase

All 3 of these are supposed to sit between the first and the second buildable frigates of the base game in terms of firepower, cost and durability. For example the Dreadnought Cruiser is supposed to sit between the Acclamator Assault Ship and the Victory Destroyer.

In addition to that i added new weapon effects for space battles as you can see in the two pictures below.

Thrawn Projectiles


Patch Notes 0.4

- 3 new ships: Munificent Frigate (Zann Consortium), Dreadnought Cruiser (Empire), MC40 Frigate (Rebel)

- new effects for laser and proton torpedo projectiles during space battles

- Venator, Asteroidbase, Captain Antilles and Gravity Station death animations are now played at the right speed

- lowered AT-AT fire pulse delay after setting it to high unintentionally in 0.2

- adjusted retreat timer for each faction

Changes to Skirmish:

- Admonitor Star Destroyer (Admiral Thrawn) and the Aggressor-class Destroyer are only available at star base level 5

- the 3 new ships get available at star base level 3

- Vengeance-class Frigate, Victory Destroyer and Alliance Assault Frigate MKII get available at star base level 4

Credits go out to:

Jeroen(imo) for the projectile effects

MandoBardanJusik and Ozzy667 for the Munificent Frigate

Keeper_of_Faith for the Dreadnought Cruiser and the MC40 Frigate

!This mod does not boost performance!

This mod is not actually changing that much. Movement of models and particles etc. seems to be bound to the "game speed" settings in the options menu.

If you slide it all the way to the right it doubles game speed and all particles and models move at 60 fps.

60fps gameplay:

30fps gameplay:

Make sure to watch in at least 720p60

But since nobody wants to play accelerated all the time I tried to change certain settings in the XML folder about movement speed, recharge time, build time etc.

Some values are doubled while others were divided by 2 in order to keep the original stats of units and turrets but at a higher frame rate.

You should notice that everything moves much smoother than before. But keep in mind that i probably missed some values.

I changed no animations so they are all sped up unless i could change them via an XML file.

1. Place the extracted "60fps" folder in your "Mods" folder.

2. Place "Launch 60fps.bat" in your root directory of Star Wars Empire At War Forces of Corruption.

3. Open "Launch 60fps.bat" to launch the mod.

4. In the main menu go into options and set the "game speed" setting for ground and space Battles to the maximum.

5. Try it out and let me know if something is not working correctly.


Let me know what you think about my mod.

I know there are still things that are not properly adjusted to the higher game speed. I did not look in every single XML the game has to offer.

If you find something strange or unbalanced let me know so I can try fixing it.

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