Unofficial Patch for Steam/GOG version of POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost.

Fixes and improves many things... a LOT of bugfixes, new design for weapon and item selector, Paradise Lost weapons in P2,
restored weapon bob effect, corrected weapons positions, new cheats, rebalanced weapons, improved game menu and much more!

Currently xPatch 2.0 is in development.
It's more close to the vanilla game, less crashy and compatible with other mods.
You can download it and help by testing it on my Discord Server.
Click here to join xPatch Discord

Will there be xPatch for AWP Forever?
It might finish it someday, but I have other priorities for now.
If you really need it then there's unfinished beta of AWPF xPatch:
Google Drive link


< < XPATCH ENHANCED 1.1.1 > > Released: 30th, December 2020


• Fixed footstep sounds not playing
• Enemies using M16 and MP5 deal now way less damage (temporary change untill I'll find a way to turn on/off headshots)
• Bank map terrain fix
• Piss on dad errand dialog playing twice

< < XPATCH ENHANCED 1.1.09 > > Released: 29th, December 2020

"Guns, Gore n Cola Update"


• NEW WEAPONS: Drill, Ingram, Corssbow, Revolver, Auto-Shotgun, Chaingun!
• RESTORED UNUSED PL WEAPONS: Silenced Rifle, Silenced Pistol
• NEW MAPS: Crossroads, School, Meadow, Mine, Cow Pasture, Vinces House, Terrorist Training Camp, Lower Paradise, Hospital, Military Base.
• 2 AWP bonus errands restored.
• 3 AWP arcade games restored and updated.
• Paradise Lost weapons can be found in Mine and on Meadow.
• New blood and gore effects based on xMod and AWP.
• Headshots and rebalanced damage.
• Weapons and Crack Cola Vending machines can be FINALLY found around the town! (both P2 and AW)
• New Shells can be enabled / disabled in Game options.
• Restored unused Dude's voicelines for killing zombies, killing bums, throwing grenades etc.
• New Enhanced Mode features:
- More powerfull SMEG explosion, just like in AWP.
- Sawn-Off primary fire can shot 2 times beore reload like in unpatched P2C.
- Beta Shotgun doesn't need to reload, makes 2x more projectiles and alt fire shoots explosive rounds.
- Crossbow puts people on fire.
- Auto-Shotgun deals Sawn-Off damage.
- Chaingun's accuracy increased.
- M79 Grenade Launcher doesn't need to reload.
• Restored Alt-Fire for Beta Shotgun.
• Added few new shell types and improved its momentum and spawn location.
• New Smoke Effects.
• New Muzzle Flashes.
• New Dynamite Fuse FX
• New bloody textures for Dusters
• New bloody textures for Shovel
• New Krotchy Grenade model and sounds.
• Dynamite and Molotov on ground are making burning sounds.
• Backported Paradise Lost dual-wield and "fuck you" voice lines
• P2 Melee weapons (Shovel, Baton, Shocker) were added to Apocalypse Weekend campaign.
• Lever-Action Shotgun is now also ejecting shells.
• Restored NPC's fist fights.
• SMEG can use it's alt-fire in dual wielding.
• New limbs for fat people, backported from xMod / AWPMod. (Yes they had "slim" limbs after cutting them off)
• Added xPatch options menu where you can enable/disable new shells and dialogs.


• Fixed left hand Revolver being upside down in 3rd person while dual wielding.
• Many improvements to Dynamite code and functionality.
• Fixed Dynamite Alt-Fire not using ammo. LMAO How I didn't notice?
• Fixed MP5 not dropping shells in semi-auto mode.
• Disabled Dual Wielding for Box Launcher.
• HiRes Petition texture fix.
• Fixed Apocalypse Weekend restaurant cutscene.
• Fixed HUD not displaying Kill Counter in POSTAL 2 (Monday-Friday only) gamemode.
• Improved Sawn-Off Shotgun code: improved reload mechanics and how it deals with zombie heads. :)
• Fixed new weapons not being removed from player's inventory at Hosiptal in A Week in Paradise mode.
• Fixed lags on Greenbelt (Bank) and Highlands (Trainyard Arena) maps.
• Fixed Shovel alt-fire 3rd person animation.
• Added some missing 3rd person animations for melee ED Weapons and reload animation for Sawn-Off.
• Fixed camera bug after charging dynamite or krotchy grenade for too long.
• Military and SWAT should be blocking melee attacks more frequently now.
• Military is immune to sledge and baseball not only in Weekend but also in base game now too.


• Zombies can now be burned to death and their head can be testroyed with a few shots from pistol or machinge gun.
• Few changes to melee weapons and how they react with zombies.
(e.g. You can kill zombies with a Shovel now)
• Restored original AWP weapons skins.
• Sniper Rifle and Revolver can destroy zombie's head.
• Machine guns and Pistols can cut off zombie's head (from long distance).
• Rewritten my shitty code for Baseball and Shears fixes.
• Cops heads can be now destroyed with one shot from shotgun.
• Improved Pistol, Glock, MP5 and Shotguns Muzzle Flashes.
• Removed Glock burst mode, restored semi-auto mode instead.
• Crackola activates dual wielding now a bit faster.
• Increased M79 Grenade launcher damage.
• Improved Revolver code. Now it can destroy heads from close distance.
• SMEG Alt-Fire uses 3 ammo (was using 4 before)
• M79 Grenade Launcher pickup gives you only 1 ammo now. (because you can now buy more in the vending machines)
• Cat-silencer can survive 25 shots on Machine Gun (before it was only 9 shots)

< < XPATCH 1.0.2 > > Released: August 28th, 2020


• Alternative one-barrel shot for Sawn-Off Shotgun


• Getting negative amount of SMEG ammo upon alt firing last rounds.
• Butterfly Knife playing "hitwall" sound while stabbing people from behind.
• Grenade Launcher, Hammer and SMEG are now taken from player's inventory in Brewery (POSTAL 2) and Bandit hideout (Paradise Lost) missions.


• Few Glock Improvements (Changed ItemName to "Machine Pistol", Fixed firemode selecting animations, removed semi-auto mode).
• Zombies can be now dismembered with double barreled shotgun.

< < XPATCH 1.0.1 > > Released: July 28th, 2020


• New Katana sounds have been lowered.
• Added new fire effects for FP molotov animation that were missing in v1.0.
• The Grenade Launcher do not transforms into an M79 Grenade Launcher upon dropping anymore.
• Few changes to M79 Grenade Launcher code.

< < XPATCH 1.0 > > Released: July 27th, 2020


• Added in-game "Quit to Desktop" option.
• Added shells dropped on the ground.
• Added middle finger feature from Paradise Lost to base P2.
• Added 2 new crosshairs types and experimental* color change setting.
* - It might change also muzzle flash color for weapons mods that are using old muzzle flashes.
• Added third page in Cheats menu.
• Added few new cheats: ChugIt, ParadiseIsLost, SeekritWeaponzPls, FunzerkingKicksAss, Boxlauncher, NightModeOn.
• Restored cheats: Ghost, Fly, Walk, HereKittyKitty, Slomo. (Last one is pretty cool. Use values like 0.1, 1, 1.5, 2 to change game speed, it's fun! HereKittyKitty gives you Cat Launcher)
• Added reload button in weapon controls settings (for weapons mods that are using it).
• You can skip credits now, yey!
• Added new item "Random Wardrobe" accesable with cheats.
• Added Paradise Lost directory to P2 config file, so now you can use PL weapons and load PL maps (in debug mode) in P2 if you have DLC installed.
• Restored cut/unused ATF-R-US weapons vending machine in East Mall.
• Restored Chainsaw alt-fire and unused bloody textures.
• Restored Dynamite alt-fire. It's pretty usefull!
• Restored cut AWP Weapon - Grenade Launcher (Green Rocket Launcher that shots grenades).
• Restored cut AWP Weapon -
Cat Launcher (Accessable only with cheats).
• Restored and fixed cut AWP Weapon - S.M.E.G. (Credits to: KeshaFilm)
• S.W.A.T. Clothes (Can be found in Police Station at Friday).

• Added completely new bloody textures for Katana. (Because it didn't had any).
• Added lever sound for Lever-Action Shotgun.
Restored cut weapons Silent Rifle and Silent Pistol. I'll add it later on... maybe?


• Recreated missing texture of Rifle handle.
• Restored cut bloody muzzle flash effect for cat silenced weapons. (These were probably cut by mistake when RWS was changing Muzzle Flash effect to new ones.)
• Sledgehammer and Scythe are now automatically picked up after throwing, no matter if auto-pickup is enabled in game options or not. (it's disabled by default in steam version).
• Fixed Shears alt-attack making cars explode.
• Fixed Fists making cars explode.
• Fixed hands textures not changing for Dusters and Krotchy Grenade while wearing cop and gimp clothes.
• Fixed Glock and MP5 fire sounds stuttering.
• Fixed MP5 fire mode change animation speed.
• Fixed lighter fire spawning in wrong place for Flamethrower and Dynamite, also increased it's size.
• Fixed Flamethrower fire spawning in wrong place.
• Fixed missing muzzle flash and pump sound for dual wielded shotgun.
• Fixed "None" version text in Paradise Lost main menu.
• Fixed WMD alt-fire reload animation not playing.
• Fixed HUD for Power-Infused Gary Autobiography (Apocalypse Weekend Enhanced Mode item).
• Fixed prize icons scale (after finishing Chompy plug-in radar minigame).
• Fixed scale of Molotov fire effects.

• Recreated missing texture of Revolver bullets.
• Repleaced ugly 256x256 Katana texture with upscaled from unused 512x512 one to 1024x1024.
• Fixed bloody Baton texture being drawn on top of the Hammer. (Also changed it's animation to original ED one, in PL it was using invisible Axe anims with Hammer model attached to it for some stupid reason).
• Fixed "puff" sound not playing after performing an "wild west quick draw" with Revolver.
• Fixed kick being invisible when using Bean Bag Launcher.
• Fixed hands textures not changing for Revolver while wearing Lawman clothes.
• Fixed mounted minigun camera offset.


• Removed POOSTAL 4, Paradise Lost and Social Media ads from main menu. You're welcome!
• Secret "Custom Difficulty" mode now can be accesed by double clicking on Difficulty option.
• Improved Muzzle Flashes and new smoke effects for weapons.
• Improved positions of ALL first person weapons animations.
• Changed weapon bob effect value from 0.975 to 1.10 (With exception for Beta Shotgun, it uses 1.27 like in Classic P2 versions).
• Changed POSTAL 2 Logo in main menu.
• Changed some weapons groups and chronology for easier and more intuitive selection.
• Changed weapon and item selectors design.
• Increased Shovel, Baton damage and Machine Gun fire rate a bit - It's (M16) fire power should be the same as in classic versions of POSTAL2. Why RWS nerfed it that much it became almost useless? No idea.
• Changed Baseball Bat alt-attack. Just like primary attack it takes now 2 hits to destroy head of tougher enemies (cops, rws employees, army).
For normal bystanders it's still one-hit kill. Why I changed this? It was too OP and made Sledgehammer useless.
• Sawn-Off Shotgun uses now 2 ammo per shot so it's not that fucking overpowered now.
It's still VERY powerful, reload animation is a bit faster now so don't worry, it wasn't nerfed too much!
• Grenade Launcher shoots M79 Grenades now, just like in original ED instead of Hand Grenades (it also does have it's own separate ammo now).
• Changed max ammo amount for Napalm Launcher from 6 to 12. (I hate how it runs out of ammo so quickly!)
• Halloween Pitchfork does have it's own damage now. (it was using Shovel one before).
• Changed Axe alt damage. Now you can cut people in half just like in AWP.
• Increased ammo amount given by ED pickups. (Dynamite 1 -> 3, Glock 7 -> 20, MP5 25 -> 50).
• Removed skinflash effect from Glock since it was the only weapon in P2 that was using it. Ugh, these lazy rip-offs from Eternal Damnation that RWS did makes me insane.
• Removed Baton bloody textures. (These were really ugly! If there will be demand for it I could make new ones.)
• Beta Shotgun uses now Duede's "Beta" arms textures instead of John's arms (Eternal Damnation protagonist) Almost like in REAL beta!
• Rifle's scope fade out effect and zooming is a bit faster now.
• New HUD icons for some weapons and items. (Mainly replaced ones that had low quality).
• Removed Paradise Lost launch option in Main menu, it was useless.
• Moved Achievements list to Options menu.

Changed size of Revolver execution bar and removed badge icon.
Increased Revolver damage a bit.
Changed mounted minigun FOV
• Changed Bean Bag Gun shooting speed
• New more "metalic" textures for Revolver, Bean Bag Launcher and Lever Action Shotgun. (Credits to: ALCRD

NOTE: I might made some changes but forgot to write them down in changelog... kek
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[v1.13] xPATCH: Enhanced Edition

[v1.13] xPATCH: Enhanced Edition

Full Version 30 comments

More changes, restored cut content, more weapons, items, levels and Paradise Lost features such like dual wielding and vending machines!

[v1.13] NO-DLC Patch for xPatch: Enhanced Edition

[v1.13] NO-DLC Patch for xPatch: Enhanced Edition


This patch will let you play the Enhanced Version of xPatch even without Paradise Lost DLC, obviously few Paradise Lost maps and weapons were cut.

[v1.02] [OUTDATED] xPatch: BETA

[v1.02] [OUTDATED] xPatch: BETA

Full Version 6 comments

Unofficial Patch 5024x for Steam/GOG version of POSTAL 2 and Paradise Lost. Fixes and improves many things... a LOT of bugfixes, new design for weapon...

FnE Soundpack v2.0 [OUTDATED] [Use for xPatch BETA only]

FnE Soundpack v2.0 [OUTDATED] [Use for xPatch BETA only]

Weapons Audio 1 comment

NOTE: New version of soundpack is now included in XPatch Enhanced Edition. Do not install it on v1.1.1 or some sounds will be missing, If you're usung...



Players Model 2 comments

His name is NOTIM PORTANT. What is PORTANT?

John Murray (Player Mod)

John Murray (Player Mod)

Players Model

John Murray is the main protagonist of Eternal Damnation.

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Hello. What key will let you dual wield weapons also is there a way to bring up a proper cheat menu. Thank you

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you need to drink "Can of Habib's Power Station" or "Crack-Cola", you can buy "Crack-Cola" on a vending machine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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hey! I keep getting the error saying that windows.dll, core.dll and another file weren't found and I can't launch the game :( I believe i installed it right (non steam user). P2 runs normally

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Pan_Szatan Creator

This patch is only for Steam and updated GOG version.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi there, I installed xPatch on the Steam workshop, does that work as-is or do I need to install the Moddb files as well?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pan_Szatan Creator

No, you don't need to. Unless you don't have Paradise Lost, then you need to download no-DLC patch from here.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Will there be a fix for this bug with the game with DSOAL and ALchemy (both for enabling emulated hardware 3D audio with OpenAL Soft) where audio will be higher pitched with these DirectSound3D wrappers?

I can just replace the DefOpenAL32.dll with OpenAL Soft but it wouldn't have the special EAX reverb and effects. I can only restore the EAX effects and have 3D HRTF surround with DSOAL, but it has that high-pitched sound and voices bug.

3D audio with headphones sounds fantastic.

Also, do you have a Discord server for following xPatch future development and Eternal Damnation Steam?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pan_Szatan Creator

Yes, I just recently created one.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hey man, my game crashes in paradise lost, i try to play with mods, so i press the "Custom" Button and the game crashes, any solution?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pan_Szatan Creator

It happened to me too few times (even without xPatch).
Usually it's caused by one of the mods installed. There should be something in the crash report like a map or file name. Try to find it and I dunno, delete it if you don't need it or move it somewhere.

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