The "4th Dimension" is a modification for the expansion Forged Alliance for Supreme Commander which adds new content like completely new designed units, explosions and other effects. But this mod does not only add new content, it also changes parts of the game like balancing and gameplay. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more realistic (as long as it is better for the gameplay) and to improve the balancing and optics of the game. For example nearly all muzzle velocities have been increased, and many units move much slower now. Another big aspect of this mod is the fact, that in 4th Dimension nearly all units have their right to exist, even in later tech levels, while in Supreme Commander you only see very few low tech units on the battlefield. Beside a new veteran system for vanilla Supreme Commander, which lets stronger units count more than weaker units and which gives units bigger buffs, the mod changes also the tarmac sizes and explosion effects.

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Apr 18 2011 Anchor

Hi, I really love 4th Dimension mod, it makes the game way more interesting, and I just love those new effects ( that little white cloud for an explosion was really getting old).
However, I would like to ask if some changes would be possible :

1.Would it be possible to make shot planes go through the water instead of disappearing? It's kinda stupid to watch Czar disappear in a tiny splash when it hits the water.
2.Could large flying things (experimentals) have their own crash effects , maybe something similar to support acu meltown?
3.Could explosions contain more dust and dirt?
4.When plane crashes, why does it erupt in flames instead of exploding instantly? Looks kinda weird.

Thats all for now,

Good luck with your mod.

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