A Warhammer 40k mod for SOASE:Rebellion Races are still in development, Aiming to bring the Universe of 40k to the amazing game of Sins Main ones so fare Will be Imperium, Chaos, Eldar, Orks Space pirates. All community suggestions well be gladly accepted and thought of and any one willing to help pm me.

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Ships/titans/structures/and more. NeighborKid Metathiax - read

Sep 5 2014

Bugs and Ideas Grimaldus* cpl_cupcake - read

Feb 17 2014

Research Tree Grimaldus* ToastedRaukaan - read

Jan 21 2014

ideas for this mod ForgefatherVulkan 19  Roboute-Guilliman - read

Dec 20 2013

Rules Roboute-Guilliman Roboute-Guilliman - read

Mar 5 2013


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