2027 is a modification and a prequel to Deus Ex 1.

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Nailed the ambience of the levels, to the point that I forgot I was playing a Deus Ex Mod. Negative or positive depends on how you interpret it. Personally it's a plus for me. Story, not so much, but in the range of acceptable. It felt like a rip off from Deus Ex's already established lore. Gameplay, I especially loved the drone and bot. I used them a lot. Flexibility of choices, objectively rigid, only some choices matter, but still a pass from me. It's obviously not the main appeal of this mod. I give this mod a biased 10.

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The level design is by far the best part, the levels are aesthetically consistent, impressive, and unique, and the layouts are intricate and facilitate exploration and effectiveness well. They're big without ever feeling empty, which is an excellent feat. All of the system design tweaks and changes also worked really well, the new skill system was excellent (though Battle Training was still a bit more useless than I was hoping) and the perks were a pretty neat addition. Making the spy drone an item…

Sep 28 2011 by Jonas