2027 is a modification and a prequel to Deus Ex 1.

hunk_guerrius says

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Played this half a year ago, forgot to submit a rating.

I will not reserve much text on a review for this mod because no amount of writing can express how good I found it to be, good narrative, good level design, good general plot, refined gameplay elements and of course the gunfire, the missing key element in Deus Ex, I've had lots of epic firefights listening to the classical action beats in the different levels of the game, each better than the previous. Oh the concept of choice and consequence was well achieved too, even if mostly I just decided to go for assault tactics, at least after I was inevitably detected.

All of that and he memorable soundtrack composition have earned the reputation of a classic in my heart, hearing soundtracks from this game brings me nearly as much nostalgia as all of my favorite classical video games, and while I don't know exactly how either the game or the developer managed that, I must say what a formidable achievement.

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The level design is by far the best part, the levels are aesthetically consistent, impressive, and unique, and the layouts are intricate and facilitate exploration and effectiveness well. They're big without ever feeling empty, which is an excellent feat. All of the system design tweaks and changes also worked really well, the new skill system was excellent (though Battle Training was still a bit more useless than I was hoping) and the perks were a pretty neat addition. Making the spy drone an item…

Sep 28 2011 by Jonas