2027 is a modification and a prequel to Deus Ex 1.

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I've been watching the mod for many years, and it was nice to see as the project was moving towards its completion. Set in not so distant future as a prequel to Deus Ex, the 2027 includes all the aspects of the original game, but also introduces new gameplay elements and graphics among other things.

Level Design. The maps are really good, be the European cities or remote locations like a secret base. You start your mission in a Versalife-like HQ and later find yourself in Paris. While it's the same city as in the original game, you are to explore a different region, which is much larger and includes quite a lot of places of interests. Here you can engage enemies in vivid shooting or remain silent, if stealth approach is more preferable.

I must be frank - the Moscow missions are the ones I enjoy the most. The developers made a good job recreating the underground station, the Pushkinskaya square, as well as some historical parts of Moscow centre. The feel is close to Paris locked down by MJ12 in the original game, dark and tense, while you can always sneak through tiny and cosy streets, sometimes meeting interesting characters (and sidequests).

The game has ties to the DeusEx, but you can also meet some characters from Deus Ex - The Invisible War here.

I hope someone will make a mod, which adds all dialogues to this wonderful modification.

When you play this game, you can expect:
- completely new locations like Paris, Moscow and Siberia
- new characters (new skins and appearances)
- multiple new enemies and allies
- new weapons (models)
- enhanced graphics and effects
- new plot with several endings

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The level design is by far the best part, the levels are aesthetically consistent, impressive, and unique, and the layouts are intricate and facilitate exploration and effectiveness well. They're big without ever feeling empty, which is an excellent feat. All of the system design tweaks and changes also worked really well, the new skill system was excellent (though Battle Training was still a bit more useless than I was hoping) and the perks were a pretty neat addition. Making the spy drone an item…

Sep 28 2011 by Jonas