Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...

Julez says

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Fantastic mod really impressed, never cease to amaze me the talent of the modding community enjoyed it very much.

The difficulty of it is what HL2 should have been in the first place, i found myself really having to think out tactics and using cover a lot.
John was a great companion really felt like one not just someone following around for the hell of it.
Was amazed how good the voice acting was a lot better then in most AAA titles i have played. Got to say this is one of if not the best mod for any game i have ever played, unlike some mods it kept me wanting to go on pulling me into it rather then just running and gunning game over type of mods. Well done to all the team you created a real gem here 10/10 now to play Rogue Train.

Ps. loved the music at the end made me laugh "Oh ****! critters! What the hell!" loved it ;)

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I just loved that game, the end was freaking awesome! PLEASE make a sequel 10/10.

PS, This was Valve quality work, good job. I smell a sequel. Please. Sequel

Nov 9 2010 by MetallicaLover