Creatures came out of what seemed to be thin air. Animated and alive. They came without a warning and swept the world ...


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hear me first, before you rage at me and disagree with my opinion, since you are one ****-eating fanboy.

first of all, when i first played the demo, i liked it a bit, but wasn't something suprising.

after all the teasing from the full release and ****, i though that this mod would be THE mod, but no, i was wrong, COMPLETELY wrong, since, the head bobbing in this game is exaggerated, the mapping is complete ********, the soldier models look horrible in-game, the gameplay, well, is a letdown, since in most parts of the game, you'll get lost, and will have no clue on where to go, big amounts of npcs will rnadomly spawn throughout the game, and, about the voice-acting, i had to turn the sound off, since, it was horrible, the news lady voice sounded like a 8 years old boy, and annoying as ****.
The game sure's got some good models, but nothing so special, since, they're just some polished models and ****, some random gun models, half life 1 ish vortigaunt models, it's got a coop mode too, and some driveable vehicles that you won't even be able to enjoy driving.

and at the first release, i found more bugs than fun, and all of them were already reported, then the dudes started releasing thousands of patches.

at least, i liked the coop mode.

you know what? there are too many fanboys out there.

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I just loved that game, the end was freaking awesome! PLEASE make a sequel 10/10.

PS, This was Valve quality work, good job. I smell a sequel. Please. Sequel

Nov 9 2010 by MetallicaLover