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Well, there\s quite allot going on, here's some things that I'm thinking of / working on.

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Hello there fellow MODDB'ers

So whats up with 1187 you might ask, well, theres quite some stuff happening with the mod at the moment. Thanks to Nagash, a fellow source artist, I had to rewrite part of the story, meaning that everything I had scripted sofar in the second map had to be overhauled and changed / deleted or modified. I have gotten rid of all the fps banana models that I haven't gotten any authorization for.
I've kept the models that newly aquired SOURCE friends gave me when I started to post around the net. At this point I'm going to be focusing allot on the maps and their gameplay, before adding props and whatnot.

What I'm also going to do is release a DEMO of the mod containing the first map, and the intro of the second map. I'll be doing this for two reasons.

The first reason is that I have decided I want to have a very small team for this mod. As I said before I'm not going to let this mod not be finished because I couldn't achieve a particulair goal that I couldn't do myself, and that still stands today. But on the other hand I do want 1187 to be a bit more then just some maps flung together with the limited resources that I have right now. So what I'm going to do is try to get one or two modellers a skin / texture artist and maybe perhaps a coder even. Now I do know how scarce a good coder is, so I'm not counting on that happening soon. Now what I am going to do is release the DEMO so that any would be model/texture artist for this mod can get an idea of what I'm aiming for. Also I have put down the main goals of the mod, and most ideas in a text file that anyone who wants to join will receive so that they know what to expect.

I already have a few people helpig me out, I got a modeler working on new weapons for the mod which I'm very happy with, I'm not gonna say much more, I'll introduce him at the right time. but no one is really working on the mod itself except for me. I don't mind people having other projects, it's only natural, but I would like to have one dedicated modeler preferably one who could skin and animate his own work to be added to the team I have on steam.

The second reason I'm releasing a DEMO is that people in general can get a glimpse of the mod too without giving anything away story wise, my aim is that people want to play the mod when finished.
So I hope to really generate some serious interest towards other artists so that this small mod can be so much more then what it is right now. So yeah I'll be uploading the DEMO in about an hour or so.
Hope to get some serious feedback from here on.

I'll also post a link to my forum where I have a list of stuff props wise, that I would want to see ingame on time.

Again nothing is still final except for the main story and I'd say that the first map is considered finished as far as scripting goes, I might add in some better sequences when I get the VCD part down and understand how to do faceposing, but all that can be changed lateron, same goes for props.

Right now I'm very happy with how this mod's going and I'm still working my ass off learning new things and implementing them properly. So for now this is it.


Very nice!

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