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The Humper/Thmuper beta
DBZ shell glow and trail
Pink guns(AR/shield gun) because I was bored.



Stoner:Waring the use of this weapon leads ro a increase of appetite....





Most vids of my "works" can be found on my youtube page.
My current UT projects
UT 04

Shield gun replacement
Beta 1

just finished a shield gun replacement beta, it now dose lil damage but kicks like a mule in momentum, has 500 shield points for the shield, to start it uses 10 ammo, it recharges fast so you can use it almost freely.

Besides the shield it now acts as a jump device had to double the range on the fire mode so you can use it to land safely, it knocks targets 20ish feet but lets you jump to a max of 60 I think still working out what feels right, since you can quick charge it you can use it for keeping your momentum up and climb the spires in Antalus.

Assault rifle replacement
Z.A.R Beta 6
The new zar balance is as strong as the minigun if not more so but has ammo issues ,if you do not fire in control well aim shots you’ll run out of ammo with a living pissed target to deal with.

ZAR grenade is 2-3X more powerful than the normal grenade and has a longer clock on it and a faster rate of fire.

Warning you can wind up dying on your own grenade if you spam and run, it dose not blow up on contact but the radius will get you!

Linkgun Replacement
Beta 4
Currently the linkgun fires 2 faster small “Bouncing harmful to player projectiles” shots at a high rate of speed they do about 6 points of damage each so its killer short to mid range and can be used to hose a target long range but between ammo use and aim error its more useful in short to mid range

Alt fire is a shotgun spread of bigger more powerful Bouncing harmful to player projectiles with a longer trail they are slow in my speed and refire rate but pack 15 damage points each, its best for spam shots and short to barely mid range I dunno tho it seems to slow, ammo is 5 a shot, would really liek it to be 10 but I cannot limit the projectile per fire code ,ammo per fire wants to multiply the ammo used..

Flack cannon replacement
Deathballz launcher beta 4

Replace the flack with grenades and you get something like it, primary fire is a shotgun spread o small lite grenades, your own fire dose not damage the you directly but only when they explode(glitch in how I have canhitowner, projectile start, and collision radius set).

Alt fire is bigger grenades fired in the flack shell it’s a cluster grenade because of my inane coding skill I cannot get it to hurt you with on ballz but the radius damage from 9 grenades is more than enough to kill most things with 2 or 3 hits.

Minigun replacement
Hellfire cannon beta 1

Using explosive rounds the primary fire peppers a area its moderately more powerful than the minigun and as the mini explode effect the altfire the normal mini gun alt fire dose.

Alt fire mode is a rocket in the form of a bullet slow refire rate long wind up time and about 10 bullets a shot, the up side 1-4 hits and most targets die in…. pieces…..
can’t really perfect this till I get full radius damage to work currently it only damages player targets but not the player.
-------------------------- ------------------------------- ----
Cleaned up the Punisher some needs more work
Enforcer replacement
Punisher beta 2
Stronger but slower primary fire at 5 bullets a shot, full auto alt fire, max ammo is 100 starts with 100.

Stinger minigun replacement
Forgot what I did to primary fire mode LOL
Stinger alt fire now dose like the flack fire still have a lot to do on it

Befor the new alt fire mode I had it as a instant on ammo eating monster it was nearly instant gib but ate a ton of ammo and had a pause between firing phase, the alt fire was more like a fast radius damaging mini rocket at a slightly higher fire rate than the normal alt fire.

Zippylabs mascot pic(still working on it)

DBZ weapon textures video.

AR color textures videos

Deviantart page



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