Hiya! Welcome all to my profile! Well, not really a lot can be say here, I mostly mod and map for the GoldSource engine, though I do mod other stuff here as well. Anyway, hope you enjoy your visit!

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Veng-ellion | Remod Continues
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New Music would be nice. ;3

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- Xenian enemies now inhabit Rebellion, replacing or adding on top of existing human grunt enemies, includes everyone from headcrabs to a garg.

- Added more human assassins.

- I think I got most of the doors, still not sure though.

- fmip16 has "night" skybox, even though the map is FULLY lit. Replaced it to a daytime skybox, also replaced the following maps closing in on Fortworth for consistency.

- Due to the broken levelchange, there's a high chance that Barney could get stuck if you leave him in some particular spots when you change maps (it ruined my initial run-through, it was that bad). Decided to add an optional shortcut by removing the wooden fence that was blocking the way near the city armory, the option to take him through the ruined areas is still available though.

- Modified the spawner in the ruined areas to spawn enemies immediately upon entering the map, should help incase players wanted to use the old path to escort Barney, since now they can reliably clear out the area before bringing Barney in.

- Added sound ambience to the Fortworth maps, just so that it's not completely silent when traversing the large city.

- Added a couple of dead bodies in maps.

- Rad replaced.

- All French textures replaced, text decals in maps are unreplaceable though (Niveau in smip4, for one).

- Moved and changed a pickup entity in fmip25, also moved the things triggered when picked up.

- Added a couple of scientists hiding in the railway station before the police station, done so that low health players can recharge before the battle in the main lobby.

- Replaced the low quality music for .mp3 from media, thinking of using HL2 music (Vengeance and Rebellion being the main author's idea of HL2 and all).

- Added a couple of music triggers.

- Reduced the firerate of fmip16's tank rocket, made the whole map less tedious to trudge through.

- Reduced the number of M203 grunts in some areas.

- Added hand grenades in maps.

- Added snarks, one time pickup.

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