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Please care your body well.

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Usually, I sit on the chair and waste almost all of times.

And, I was not doing anything workout.

Now, that make break my body.

My ligament from all of vertebra (especially neck and waist) has hurt cause of too weak.

And It means maybe I will have chronic pain for this.

Also, Recover speed lower than bones and muscles.

Well fortunately, My daily life is okay right now.

But I'm not sure for future.

So I start some workout for my waist.

Seriously, Take care and love yourself my friends.

Don't be such a fool like me.

CnC Post-War Korean released Sites.

zerolaunch Blog

※Caution: Korean. The most famous C&C fansite of Korea.

CreBay Naver Cafe: Developers of Red Alert 2 GmhanMod community. Hosted by Naver.

CNFC Naver Cafe: C&C Naver Fansite Cafe. especially generals series. Hosted by Naver.

Betagam C&C Board
: C&C Board is subpage of Betagam the biggest core PC game fansite in Korea.

DCinside C&C Gallery: C&C Gallery is subpage of DCinside the biggest community in Korea. somthing like minor 4chan.

Ruliweb C&C Board: C&C Board is subpage of Ruliweb the biggest console games information and also have PC games' too.

MidEast Crisis 2 Korean released sites

zerolaunch Blog

※Caution: Korean. -
CreatingBay Naver Cafe -
CNFC Naver Cafe -
DCinside C&C Gallery -
Betagam C&C Board -
Ruliweb C&C Board -

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