I'm new to any official modding scene and most of my work has been privately done. Recently, though, I gained a great motivation to step up my role. Now entering college, these next few years are the best time for me to get started, even if they are slow. Hopefully I will get to know many of the fine people here as I work with and for everyone in this great modding community.

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Transmission Intercepted

Zeridian Blog

There's a cool update brewing for Imperial Reign and things are no doubt about to get crazy. Followers are gonna need to sink their teeth into this one and skeptical on-looking developers who are not quite sure if they wanna join up, will see that the bird is not the only word. Brace your self's.


Imperial Reign Forums

Zeridian Blog

I'm not going to post it on the mod page just yet, I want this to go as smoothly as possible. I want to get the whole team over first. If I didn't I would confuse some people. I have made new forum that will definitely benefit the project more in both the devs and the community who follows it. It's much more sleek and provides a very large amount of customization and control.


Imperial Reign Page

Zeridian Blog

The Imperial Reign ModDB page is up and getting authorized, the news will be out soon and hopefully we can get more help to roll things out quicker! Since we're all in school it's hard to collaborate on a decent schedule. I'm looking forward to what people's reaction will be though :).

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Imperial Reign

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I'm underway with getting our own mod page ready. I will include a section on positions along side the summary as we will most definitely need a larger team. This will be a pretty ambitious project. As of now, some of us are starting our second semester in college, therefore time will be a bit scarce for a while.

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Company of Heroes Star Wars Mod

Zeridian Blog

Sup guys,

Well this is quite unplanned and a little bit awkward. I am releasing that I am in fact working on a Star Wars mod for the intense Company of Heroes. I was at first unsure of the reaction that any sort of announcement would be, considering the enormous amount of historically bound mods. As it would seem, other members were indeed interested. Bob_Bobber0 over at the Relic Forums created a thread asking about what people thought about making a Star Wars related mod, which I saw while scanning for info on an issue I had with some tools (and still do).

While it wasn't announced, I had already been underway designing ideas about story and content directions. Infact, I already have some UI, Music, and Model assets ready, including much needed reference photos.

I am looking forward to working with anyone on this, especially if they are as passionate about this as I am. So thanks to Bob for stepping out, I am sure we can assemble a great team.


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