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Warsword Conquest

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Covers the Majority of current Warhammer Fantasy factions, with promises of including more overtime. Not sure what period in the Lore's history it's supposed to be taking place. Not much love for the Wood Elves here, and Daemons have too many physics complications (Squiggly Bits) to be made into a full blown faction, also due to a lack of troop trees (Daemons of Chaos have no structure. Shock). Ogres are made into mercenaries which kinda sucks for me, but they are in the game. Beastmen are (as of the time this review is posted) bandit only, but will be made into a playable faction later on. Vampire Counts in the works. No Griffon mounts...Yet.

Overall, great mod with a huge wealth of content, with much more at hand.

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